Will COVID 19 affects the College Admission Pattern?

Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

The Covid-19 pandemic has disorganized people’s lives in a significant way, and as medical experts say, it will continue being disruptive for the next couple of months, if not years. People will forget the standard way of doing things after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

The education sector has been affected the same by the pandemic. College admissions being one of the most affected areas. Students are used to a particular method of transition from high school to colleges and universities. However, during these uncertain times, the case may not be as usual.

Areas Mostly Affected By the Pandemic

Setting and Administering Tests

The importance of observing social distancing and hygiene practice is on high emphasis. Test scores require learners to involve in physical tests whose results act as placement essential to their university of choice.

In trying to stop the spread of covid 19, social activities have made students’ physical testing impossible. It means that the usual process of testing and gauging fit college students may change for the next number of days or even forever.

As demanded by the pandemic hygiene rules, handling things that come into contact with a large population may pose a threat to health. Therefore, marking papers and college essays from students is out of the picture. So, the usual criteria for administering, marking, and scoring students is not possible.

Co-Curricular Activities

Many colleges and universities were using extracurricular activities to distinguish between the best students. This is to place learners in different institutions. Those who do better in these activities got the priorities in joining the best institutions.

Now, it is not the same. The social distancing rules will not allow social activities such as extracurricular ones to happen. So, it will be hard to bring the difference between students like in the past. The area of sports and other social involvement is ending, bringing a dilemma on what next for college admissions.


Multiple states have closed learning institutions terminating the whole school year. So students are now being subjected to online learning for the very first time. It may be understandable to some but not for all, as it’s an entirely new norm.

Online teaching and learning require a restructuring of how the two took place before. Learners and teachers need time to adjust and learn how to go about it. Especially tutors face the challenge of coming up with the best ways to utilize the media to ensure effective teaching-learning processes occur.

Students face a lot of challenges. Not all of them can access online services. On the other hand, those who can get it hard to adjust, learn and understand without a physical tutor and illustrations.

Teachers are left to decide the fate of their students. How well the tutor can teach effectively to impact understanding is the main factor in how well prepared the students are for future responsibility.

How Will The Covid 19 Virus Change College And University Admission?

Increased Scholarship Limits

Due to the pandemic, most students will shy away from applying for admission. Universities are also concerned about how the reduced application will have an impact on the system. As a result, many higher learning institutions will raise the scholarship money to lure students into enrolling.

Institutions will offer scholarships to students who will not enroll after admission. Colleges will enroll students who chose to attend other universities due to the increased scholarship money. This act was not acceptable since it led to students’ poaching by universities and was against the code of conduct.

Learners have to decide whether to continue attending to their original university, even if the quality of education offered is low. 

Accepting Late Applications

Because of the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic and its impact, most learners will shy away from traveling to other countries. It will affect the number of students who will enroll in universities. Colleges will have no choice but to accept late applications from students. 

The extension of fee payment deadlines is unavoidable. This move will be to allow students to enrol and pay fees at a later date. It is because most income-generating activities were affected by the pandemic leading to a fall in the economy. 

Provision Of Need-Based Financial Aid To Affected Families

Families affected by the economic decline caused by the Corona Virus may apply for extra financial support. The system estimates the guardians’ ability to pay depending on their income before the Covid 19 pandemic. Parents have to visit the institution’s finance department to determine whether they need financial aid. 

Increased Virtual Visits

Before the pandemic, students would visit schools to get a clear picture of what to expect. They held meetings with department members and even sat through one of the classes. Currently, many universities have shut down indefinitely, and taking physical visits is impossible.

Many colleges have now adopted a virtual system to gain insight into the school through an online platform. Several schools are now hosting virtual tours with interactive question and answer sessions. 

One can request to hold video calls with the head of departments, various professors, and lecturers from the university. The visit aims to know people you will come to interact with after enrolment. 

Accepting Incomplete Grades

Due to the abrupt break that was brought about by the pandemic, most schools stopped grading students. Schools adopted other methods to show that learners went through the academic year. 

Colleges will now rely on result slips, which contain teachers’ comments. Results from continuous assessment tests will gauge the students.  


Students will be applying for colleges without any standardized test scores. Most schools may have to request the students to write a college essay in order to rate them. So, it won’t be so hard to determine who is best fit to join which university or college

Many schools have dropped the letter grading system and embraced a pass/ fail approach. Due to the lack of test results, students will look for other ways to become unique to attract admission. Schools will adopt additional measures to test, score, and admit candidates effectively.

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