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5 Useful Apps for College Students

5 Useful Apps for College Students
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Useful Apps for college students varies depending on their needs, below are the best apps for college students.

There are 5 best essential applications for college students you may want to consider having on your smartphones. 

Aside from our tongue, fingertips are now considered the strongest part of our body, isn’t it?

Communication, education, even health care was improved because of these smartphone applications. It’s also quite entertaining to see all walks of life enjoying the benefits of technology. You should know how to select useful apps for college students to ease your burdens.

Here are the 5 Best essential applications for college students

Looking for the best spelling, grammar, and content checker application which is considered as one of the best applications for college students? Here’s Grammarly.

1. Grammarly. One of the most useful apps for college students. An application that is essential for rechecking mistakes in your writing so that it can be clearer and organized. It can also help you categorize your work by themes in a manner that your reader would be able to grasp the message of your work. It can also guide you to revise your work in different manners. Making this useful app for college essential in every smartphone or on their laptops.

Looking for a useful app for college that would help you organize your tasks making it less of a burden? Here’s Microsoft To Do.

2. Microsoft To Do. This is a useful application for college students in organizing and reorganizing tasks. This is formerly known as Wunderlist. This application helps college students prioritize what needs to be done in a certain period. Revision of your plans is also hassle-free. You can also access your plans across your devices as long as it’s interconnected with each other. 

Dark or night mode is also available in this app, saving energy and light emission protecting your eyes as well. This is a very useful app for college.

Create various lists for various activities and courses if you may. There are also a wide array of themes you wish to choose from, making it more personalized and appealing to your taste.

The same team that introduced Wunderlast created this application to make it an essential application for college students and even employees. Among its features are the Overview of the day’s tasks. The Tasks themselves can be seen in a few clicks. The good thing about this is that it can be readily available on Windows, Mac, Andriod, and even IOS operating systems. 

Having trouble with a language-related course? Here’s the best and essential application for college when it comes to language-related courses.

3. Doulingo. This is an interactive application for college that uses gamification in every lesson introduced. Making it a less boring and more interesting application for college students. 

You can do personalized learning and receive your grades as soon as you’re done with the tasks. Answers are also provided so you’ll be guided with the correct answers. The application also helps you motivate yourself by giving you virtual points through virtual coins. You also improve your level, just like if you are playing games. Master new words as you improve your fluency score. 

This is the best application for college in language that gives you a 34-hour study time which most likely is equal to one semester of a university course in the language. The good thing about this is that it can be readily available on Windows, Mac, Andriod, and even IOS operating systems. Making language learning fun and exciting. 

Struggling with your research literature and class topics? Introducing CliffNotes, the best application for college students in finding literature for your topics.

4. CliffNotes. This is an application readily available for Windows, Mac, Andriod, and even IOS operating systems making it the best application for college students in terms of exploring different works of literature in various fields and disciplines. Helpful on equipping yourself for an upcoming examination, may it be a summative, standardized, professional, or even a difficult proficiency test. 

CliffNotes has a wide array of books and references from literary writings to various fields of science, technology, history, and a lot more, name it and CliffNotes can provide you with that. This is easy for a strenuous day on complying with pertinent college requirements. Recommended as one of the best applications for college students.

Looking for the best college apps when it comes to filing sharing in a few clicks? Google Drive suits your needs in sharing files and other materials with your classmates, professors, and even friends. 

5. Google Drive. This is considered the best application for college in file-sharing because of its accessibility and user-friendliness. This application is a vault of files you opt to be there. Providing users with space enough for file storage. Businessmen also use this application because of its user interface. 

Interconnectivity with your other gadgets is also one of the best features it can offer. You will have quick access to your files once you have tried using this. When it comes to securing pertinent files, it also has that security feature. Another feature is cloud storage, where you can give your hardware storage breathing space when you upload your files in their cloud. Just make sure that you’ll not forget the password you set.

Exploring the domains of Information Communication Technology, studies show that it plays a vital role in development particularly on the attainment of each of the Sustainable Development Goals. We cannot foresee development without ICT. With inevitable changes, smartphones and their different applications were brought to improve the existence of all transactions in the world. These 5 essential and best apps for college students will surely help them glide through their college life and equip students with lifelong skills these applications taught them.

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