Top 10 Popular New Year’s Resolutions of Students

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2021 will be a year to remember, indeed.

It was a year of healing and rest for some, but it was a year of silent turmoil for others. Either way, the majority of the world is determined to come out of 2021 strong, wise, and resilient.

Listing our new year’s resolutions has always been a habit that most of us do. This reminds us of what we need to change in ourselves for our own greater good for the upcoming year.

Below, we listed the top 10 popular New Year’s Resolutions of students like you. Alongside, we also included tips on how to accomplish these goals in a healthy and mindful way.

Top 10 popular New Year’s Resolutions

1. Be more active.

The lockdown had most of us tied to our personal comfort spaces and kitchens. We also saw how easily our bodies can fall into sickness due to general weakness. So, we suddenly have the urge to move, move, move! 

2. Lose/gain weight.

Who does not want the perfect body they always dreamed of, right? Our society has been waking up gradually to the negativity of body shaming. 2021 was the year some of us finally faced ourselves, fell in love, and decided to improve their bodies exactly how they wanted to.

3. Get organized at home and with plans.

Staying at home more often had led us to two destinations: We made more clutter, and we saw the clutter we have never seen before. An organized (according to your liking) place or plan creates a stress-free environment.

4. Discover a new skill, hobby, language, or places.

Constant learning keeps our brains sharp and healthy. Visiting new places or doing activities you have never done before not only grants you access to brand new awesome memories but can also generate a new circle of friends…or a life partner.

5. Living life to the fullest and with less regrets.

With all the horrific events that had happened in the past, we saw the real value of our short lives here on earth. Dire circumstances can come like a rushing river. So, you may want to appreciate living more– without the care of other peoples’ toxic opinions about your decisions.

6. Start saving money / start spending less money.

Yes, money cannot ultimately buy happiness. But, having money secured can make you less stressed out about your bills and entertainment gusto! A bank account, proper usage of credit cards, and/or good budgeting can help prevent you from getting broke.

7. Have more time and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

We all make mistakes. These mistakes sometimes cut ties and blur the line between us and our loved ones. The great thing about love is it always gives another chance. You can always approach and get closer to your family and friends with love and peace.

8. #TravelGoals

The world is far too big for us to stay in one place. It is always a great idea to have travel goals in your New Year’s resolutions list. Also, you can help a country’s or a town’s economy while traveling because tourism is one of the major economic contributors of a  place.

9. Read/Write more.

Reading and writing as a habit is a hard one for many people. But, you can start with something simple and short, then gradually level up to classics and poetry.  It can be a great escape from reality and an outlet of emotions if you ever will need one. If you are a fellow bookworm and writer, do not get comfortable; reading and writing more can enhance your existing knowledge and talent.

10. Be more grateful.

It does not matter if it was two decades or a year has passed; we often ignore the best things in life because they do not seem to exist. The air that we breathe, the water we can drink, the smiles, and the way the wind flows through the curtains are among the simplest things we can be more grateful for.

How to Accomplish Your Resolutions in a Healthy Way

Oftentimes, we create this list without being mindful of how to do it effectively. Some of us treat New Year’s Resolutions as a “wishlist”, not things to work hard for. This results in disappointment when we do not see results and improvements first off, so we tend to give up the whole list early in the year!

Don’t worry now, darling. Read on for a simple guide on how to accomplish your resolutions in a healthy way.

  1. Get specific.
  • Following an unclear instruction can result in mistakes and failure. So, inste`ad of putting “learn something new”, you may write “learn to play acoustic guitar before Tom’s birthday”.
  1. Write down and share your resolutions.
  • Visuals help our minds to remember better. So, write down your goals anywhere that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Then, share it with your trusted persons so your goals will mean more to your heart.
  1. Be realistic.
  • We know one Lambo in the garage is nice, but we cannot have it if we are not earning money yet. And, instead of pushing for an instant hundred-pound weight loss or gain, why not break it down to one pound per month? Keep your resolutions realistic, and watch yourself hitting goals every time.
  1. Get goals that are good for you.
  • Not every dream we have can be good for us. It is easy to dream about lots of money, but if we plan to use it to drown in our vices, then we waste the opportunity to dream.
  1. Be mentally prepared.
  • Know that all the best things are hard to earn. It will pay in the long run if we respect ourselves enough to give ourselves wriggle room to adjust.
  1. Just repeat the process.
  • It is frustrating to see zero results or improvement with your New Year’s resolutions. You can feel like a failure if you do not see your goals happening. Although it is absolutely normal to feel this way, you must continue on. Failed? Just repeat the process again. Treat every day a reset to your journey.

Making a New Year’s Resolution list is a long-standing tradition for a reason. Setting up goals for the near future is both healing and adventurous. But, do not be a slave to your goals. Remember, the amount of time you spend attaining a goal does not determine your success, but rather the effort you put in walking forward.

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