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Tips on How to Research an Outstanding Topic

how to research a topic
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

When writing your paper, you should always consider the topic because your paper will not have content without it. On the other hand, coming up with a good topic can be a daunting task for many students, but if you know the importance of a topic in an essay, you will research a topic that will give you an easier time when formulating your paper.

In that case, you should always strive to create or find an excellent topic before you begin any writing. Although some students prefer writing the content first then come up with a topic, you may be asked to find a topic and discuss it in some cases. This means you will need to choose a topic first before researching it. Let’s find out more about choosing the perfect topic.

Importance of Having a Good Topic

A good topic is very important in any essay writing. It allows your audience to understand what the essay talks about. It also allows you to provide a good speech that your readers will enjoy. Therefore, research a topic that you are interested in so that you can talk about it with passion. A great topic also comes with these qualities, which are good for public speaking. They include;


A good topic that you enjoy provides you with enthusiasm to write about it. It allows you to express your ideas with interest, which makes it easy for your audience to flow with your ideas as well as understand them.


If you want to write to any audience, you must be sincere. It doesn’t matter whether one person or many will read your paper. A good topic provides you with this. You can speak about it openly and genuinely to your audience. 

Honestly does not only mean mentioning the facts that you get from books. It also means that you can provide your honest opinions on a certain thing as you believe it will benefit your audience. 


Whether you know how to choose a research topic or not, confidence is very important in any writing and it starts with selecting a great topic. Choosing a good topic allows you to discuss the topic without worrying that your opinions will be rejected. You do not necessarily need to know everything about the subject. A firm opinion is what matters. 


This is another quality you get from choosing an excellent topic. It allows you to present your ideas logically and in a simple manner. It also allows you to be straightforward in a way that your audience will understand your writing. 

5 Simple Steps of Selecting a Great Topic

Now that you know the importance of choosing a good topic, it is time to look into the 5 steps of the research process to ensure that your topic gives you an easy time during the actual paper writing. 

Brainstorm on Different Topics

The first step of how to research a topic is to brainstorm on different research topic ideas to see which area best suits you. To do this, think of what you are interested in, use journals, textbooks, recent articles, the internet, or even TV shows that you watch currently. Think of the topics that might have interested you and write them down. 

Brainstorming has three important steps that you can use to make it easy for yourself. The first step is idea capture, the second one is discussion, and finally, selection. The following three steps can help you in the process of how to choose a research topic.

Choose a Topic

This is the second step of the 5 steps of the research process. Once you brainstorm enough, select a topic you feel will best suit your discussion.After you have looked into the topic’s requirements, you have pictured how your layout should look like.  

Ensure that you do not select research topic ideas that will make you strain. Remember, this is always the most difficult and the most important part of how to research a topic.

Be Specific 

After selecting your research topic ideas, it is crucial to be specific on what you will talk about. For example, you have chosen a topic that concerns human health, break it down and decide whether you will talk about the digestive system, the brain, weight loss, diseases, and vaccines. 

Being specific is an essential part of how to choose a research topic. This is because it allows you to know what you will talk about specifically, plus what audience you will write the paper. 

Redefine your Topic

Another trick of how to research a topic that will wow your readers is to redefine it and write it as a question. This will attract people interested in finding out more about the subject. Even if one was not to read your paper, they would find themselves looking for answers. 

When you research a topic, it is not a must that you write it exactly as it was written or copy others. First, that doesn’t show creativity, and your readers will feel it is an obvious or a common topic that several people have discussed.

Research on the Topic

Finding out more on the topic is the final procedure of the 5 steps of the research process, and it is equally important. Research more on what other sources say about the topic and ensure you have enough points for your topic. This is to ensure that your topic is not only good but also your paper’s content.

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