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Quick Social Media Guide for College students

Social Media Guide to College Students
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Social Media: Educational Benefits

We cannot foresee education without the usage of Essential social media platforms in our classrooms and outside the school. Social media platforms have become a very vital part of living on this modern era. One cannot survive college students without having an account on even a single social media access. 

Aside form learning, essential social media platforms for college students is quite important to help them on track of the trend that they may possibly get a good topic for an assignment or a project. 

Social Media as a remote classroom

Inside the classroom, students converse, exchange ideas, vote and a lot more. Now, essential social media platforms can provide that for all users particularly students, what missing is the actual face-to-face interactions.

Here are some essential tips for college students on the utilization of various social media platforms:

Let us start with the widely used social media platforms around the globe.

Facebook Messenger on:

  1. Group Chats – messaging can be in ease if you know how to create a group chat. Creative as its was supposed to be, you can rename the group you have created based on your subject, based on your section, based on your hobby or however you prefer it to be. Themes can also be modified. 
  2. Sending files – What makes Facebook messenger an essential social media platform were its capability to provide students an easy way of sending files, website links, photos, voice messages, they can also create a poll with multiple choices. 
  3. Conference calls can also be done via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Groups on:

  1. Privacy- aside from creating a Facebook group for a class, this features privacy on sharing files. No one outside the group can see the files being shared, the discussions and the plans the group have in mind.
  2. Ease on members – this has become an essential social media platform because of its ease on adding and removing members. The administrator of the group has the prerogative on accepting and removing not participating member.

Facebook Marketplace on: 

  1. Sell something- some students are working to sustain their need. Facebook marketplace is an essential feature of this social media. You can put pictures of your products and sell it, communication with interested people is easy, this is helpful on raising income form products or even services a student offers.
  1. Look for something- you can also search for anything you need on this part of facebook. You’ll get a wide array of options to choose from. 

Facebook Watch on:

  1. Instructional materials – Facebook watch has this feature of video streaming. You can search on the pool of video clips related to your subject or topic of interest. Like pages that are related to you subject and clips about that subject may appear.
  1. Live streaming – you can also attend live webinars on the topics of your class. This is an essential social media for college students. Speakers around the globe talks about various topics you can learn form. 
  1. Replay – you can easily replay and even save the video clip on a folder available on your profile. 

Instagram on:

  1. Photo enhancement – aside from documents and write-ups professors ask their students, photos documentations are also asked from them. Instagram offers an array of photo enhancement filters that can help your photo become more appealing to the eyes of the viewer. Remember that a picture must tell a thousand stories. Some professors ask their students to create a photo essay using social media, Instagram is an essential social media platform for that. 
  1. Video enhancement – not only pictures can be enhanced on instagram, video clips can also be edited here. This may give students an ease on enhancing the videos before the submission.

Twitter on:

  1. Filters on topic – twitter has this feature that you can easily search for a topic via the number sign or as they call it “hashtag or #”. Go to the search engine of twitter and encode the topic you wanted to search on, there you will see commentaries, opinions of various people and institutions. Clicking the hashtags also help you to have an ease on searching.
  1. Trending topic- commonly a trending topic was a great avenue for students to focus their assignment topics. Research topics and essays are sometimes based on these trend. Youll never get lost woth twitter.
  1. Urgency – you’ll easily get notified as long as you have set twitter to send you notifications form the institutions or persons you are following.

Essential Social media platforms: its advantages

Social media was designed to socialize and get acquainted with various people on a country or around the world. Its easy to have, it is fun, it is free!

Social media platforms are the best avenue for advertisements in various forms. School or University advertisements, marketing, event invitation, dissemination and various announcements can be made thru these social media platforms. 

Some students use these social media platforms to ask for help and hand a help for other people.

Various social media can be used on the delivery of learning, announcing future activities and endeavors, greeting classmates on their birthday, and so much more, name it, essential social media platforms can provide you with that.

This can also be a good source of literatures for researchers. Research published by different reputable research journals are also accessible in a few clicks. 

Some of these social media platforms can be accessed even without Internet connectivity, a feature that makes it friendlier for all the users. Creativity on the captions may also improve, same as to the content of the postings. 

Moreover, communication has improved because of these essential social media platforms. These are not only limited to college students, but it can also be used by people from all walks of life.

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