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How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

The body and soul of an essay lies on a good  Thesis statement. This is like a spinal cord that holds the entire system of your body. This should be strong yet arguable. 

Writing a good thesis statement can be written in two styles: Direct and Indirect. Obvious purposes and reason are not stated directly. “ I want to visit the moon for five reasons” this is an indirect statement, the fact that the author wants to go to the Moon, the Moon is the topic, and “five reasons” is an indirect statement. 

If an author writes “ I want to visit the Moon because, I want to be an astronaut, I want to Hop and slowly land in my two feet like a cat, I want to see the craters, I want to touch the surface of the moon, and I want to have a selfie outside the earth,” this shows direct thesis statement which will later guide the writer on the body of the paper and its logical flow

Aside from being direct or indirect, Good examples on how to write a thesis statement should fall in any of the two major categories: Informative or Persuasive.

An informative thesis statement requires the writer to inform the reader based on factual and logical information presented on the entire body of the thesis. “ To make Lemonade, you must have fresh lemons, get the zest of the lemons, add cold or hot water, whichever you prefer will do, add honey, and enjoy it.”

The statement showed the reader how to make a good lemonade (the topic) and how the lemonade was made (direction of the paper). 

Another category is the Persuasive thesis statement, in this category, the author influences the reader on the topic based on strong points pinpointed by the author. “ Hot lemonade is the best type of lemonade, it soothes the throat and relaxes the body. Its aroma gives us peace of mind and relieves stress.”

As you can see, the author gives an opinion about the topic that is the lemonade, persuading the readers that hot lemonade is better than cold ones. 

Pointers on how to write a good Thesis statement:

In writing a good thesis statement you need to choose your words appropriately, you need to hook the interest of your readers; it must be simple but engaging. Identify a good and arguable topic based on related studies or literature—that you can further cite on the preceding parts of your thesis. Do not claim that your argument is the best for that study, while working on it, these arguments may be subjected to further revisions. 

How to write a thesis statement?

Brainstorm. Write topics of your interest and identify what you want to learn from it. Categorize topics to develop themes that may be a good source of your main topic and probably your title. 

Identify a topic. Make sure that the topic you have chosen is specific. This will lessen your time in preparing the paper; broad topics will require you longer time and longer paper.

Create a Stand. Write what you want to prevail in your chosen topic to give readers an idea on what to expect from your paper. This also lessens the burden of thinking about a broad spectrum.

Use appropriate terms. Be cautious on the terminologies you are going to use on your paper. Use jargons that are related to the field chosen. Remember you do not need to impress others by using complicated terms that are not appropriate for the topic. 

Types of Thesis Statements

There were two common types of examples on how to write thesis statement: an Exploratory thesis statement and an Argumentative thesis statement, some claim that there is another type of thesis statement which is the Analytical thesis statement that makes its three. Your thesis statement will be based on the kind of paper you are required to write. Also, the writing style should suit your chosen type of statement. Here we suggest how to improve writing skills.

Writing your thesis statement requires the 3Cs that stand for Coherent, Concise and Comprehensive; this will make your thesis statement stand out from the rest of the class.

Coherent. This is the wholeness of your study. The content must complement each other to give the readers a logical idea on what the paper wants to convey. You need to gradually explain the content of your thesis statement on every part of your paper.

Concise. Your thesis statement must be crispy and punchy in brief sentences, one or two sexy sentences will do. Spill the beans without consuming too many words. Explain it further on the body of your paper.

Comprehensive. Aside from having a coherent paper, the topic argued on the paper should also be comprehensible by the reader. The message should be conveyed clearly.

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