The Upload: Youtube Podcast – Quick Guide for Newbie Creators

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2020 was a rather hit year for creative online artists

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We witnessed the rise of crazy Tiktok trends and celebrities, podcasts on Spotify, and the controversial innovations of IG Reels and Fleets. All in the name of entertainment to escape the dire reality. Due to high demand, many creators pursued this serendipity as a full-time business venture. 

So, if you are an aspiring content creator, read on!

One of the prominent and influential creator platforms is Youtube.

Other than the effectiveness of Youtube videos and Shorts, Youtube also released an ingenious feature called Youtube Podcast.

Youtube Podcast: The Upload, is a platform where not only you can publish a video podcast but also an audiovisual recording or audio visualizer. This creates a bend on the Youtube community norm, where only videos can be accessed.

Introducing The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy

“So, how can I start a video podcast?”

Before you start, consider for several days that becoming a monetized Youtuber does not usually happen overnight. So, prepare your heart for many days of low engagement.

  1. Equip!
  • Gather the gadgets you need for a satisfying video podcast content. The basics are laptop/PC or camera, headphones, microphone and lighting. Don’t forget to add aesthetic backgrounds, props. Lastly, it is advisable to have a podcast recording software. Get everything ready before the shoot!
  1. Write!
  • Live or not, every creator writes scripts. Contemplate on what you want to deliver to people.
  1. Record!
  • Prepare your vocals before recording. This is to ensure great quality, ambience and time-saving recording. Practice before the actual recording.
  1. Publish!
  • Seamlessly edit your raw drafts and publish to Youtube. Make sure to maximize keywords, hashtags and audience traffic.


  • Comply to Youtube regulations.
  • Collab with bigger creators.
  • Interact with the audience.

We wish you the best on your Youtube Podcast venture!

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