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Best Informative Speech Topics and Ideas For College Students

informative speech topics for college
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

120 Informative Speech Topics for College Students 

Having good public speaking skills can save you from a lot of embarrassment, not only in college but later on, when you join the workforce. For college scholars, they have a chance to present their ideas during debates and defend their point of view. But before they can do that, they have to settle on informative speech topics for college.

Choosing the right topic will present you with a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with attentive listeners. It’s a chance to communicate useful and exciting information with your peers. 

It, therefore, calls for you to engage in extensive research before choosing a topic. While you are still allowed to incorporate your personal opinion on the topic at hand, you will need to be as subtle as you possibly can while doing it. 

Choosing Good Informative Speech Topics for College

The first aspect of writing an essay or presenting a speech is finding the most informative speech topics. It’s the only way to ensure the work process remains enjoyable, the readers remain interested, and that the audience gets entertained. 

Don’t know which topics to consider? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Take into account the length requirements. Consider the amount of time you have been allotted to present your speech.

  2. What are your interests? Stick to areas you like or are passionate about and which may benefit your readers.

  3. Who is your reader or audience? Focus on something they don’t know but which will still be of interest to them. Also, consider their knowledge levels, age, and interests. 

Informative Speech Topics for College: History and The Humanities 

  1. Importance of the Stonewall Riots
  2. Explore the History of Body Art and Tattoos
  3. Immigration History in Africa
  4. The Vietnam War and Economic Divisions
  5. Ancient Greece and the Olympics
  6. Society and Life in the Dark Ages
  7. The California Gold Rush and Its Impact
  8. The Spanish Flu of 1918
  9. The Mystery Behind the Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo da Vinci 
  10. How Did the Escaped Slaves Communicate During the Construction of the Underground Railroad?
  11. The Age of Exploration and Beyond: The Impact of Colonization on European Powers
  12. Burial Practices in Ancient Societies and Cultures
  13. The Salem Witch Trials 
  14. Japanese Kamikaze Fighters During the First World War
  15. Mahatma Gandhi and the Apartheid in India
  16. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  17. Rum During the Prohibition Years
  18. Fashion in Victorian Britain
  19. The Great Wars and the Resulting Innovations
  20. Sculpture in the Renaissance 

Informative Speech Topics On Animals 

  1. Raising Pet Snakes
  2. Tropical Fish and Their Different Types
  3. What Roles Have Cats Played All Through History?
  4. How to Adopt a Cat
  5. What Are the Different Exotic Breeds of Cats?
  6. How Do You Care for Hermit Crabs?
  7. The beauty of Wolves
  8. What Are the Best Pets?
  9. How Do You Raise Rabbits?
  10. The Lives of Ants

Good Informative Speech Topics for College: Science and Technology 

  1. Interesting Facts You Are Yet to Learn About the Human Brain
  2. Consequences of Biological Warfare
  3. Tracing the Future of Exploration and Space Science
  4. Irrigation Farming Techniques in Use in the Middle East
  5. What’s a Computer Virus?
  6. An Ethical and Scientific Perspective of Human Cloning Technology 
  7. The Future of GMOs in Farming
  8. How Can Society Continue to Benefit from the Internet?
  9. How Has Social Networking Impacted Daily Life?
  10. Growth of Robotics
  11. Artificial Intelligence: What Is Its Future? 

Fun Informative Speech Topics for College

  1. How Real is Coffeeholism? Should You Make an Attempt to Overcome It?
  2. Would You Have Survived in the Middle Ages?
  3. Most Prevalent Stereotypes About Vegetarians. How Justified Are They?
  4. What Makes Having Male Friends an Awesome Thing?
  5. Is It Possible to Change Your Personality Because of a TV Show?
  6. How Would You Use a Time Machine?
  7. What Makes Procrastination Good for Your Wellbeing? 
  8. Can You Make Any Job Your Dream Job? 
  9. Why Is “Breaking Bad” the Best Television Show of the 21st Century?
  10. Do People Have to Travel to be Happy?
  11. Can Virtual Reality Replace Everything?
  12. How Can You Become a Good Pet Owner?
  13. What Are Some of the Unusual Places You Have Gone to Do Your Homework?
  14. Why Is Teaching a Dangerous Profession?
  15. Why are Donuts So Popular in America?

Sports Informative Speech Topics

  1. Have the Olympics lost their Relevance?
  2. Cheerleading is indeed a Sport
  3. All Types of Smoking Should Be Banned from Sports Venues
  4. What’s the Difference Between Canadian and American Football?
  5. What Makes Rugby a Dangerous Sport?
  6. Is It Possible to Strengthen Your Wellbeing by Taking Part in American Karate?
  7. Team-Building Skills Are Crucial to the Success of Team Sports
  8. Why Should College Students Take Part in Sports?
  9. What Kind of Future Does Sports Have?
  10. Children Shouldn’t Take Part in Competitive Sports
  11. Should Hunting Be Viewed as a Sport?
  12. Why Should All Age-Groups Take Part in Sports-Related Activities?
  13. Should Pro Female Athletes Take Part in Male-Dominated Sports?
  14. How Do Sports Assist In the Development of a Positive Self-Esteem in Kids?
  15. Sponsorship is Crucial for Sports Events to Occur
  16. Do Sportsmen Earn Too Much?
  17. What’s the Worst Trade in Sports?
  18. It’s Unhealthy to Become Obsessed with Sports
  19. Sports are Crucial to Promoting Our Wellbeing
  20. Which Sport is More Dangerous: Hockey or Netball?

Good Informative Speech Topics for College: Food Studies, Culture, And Religion

  1. The Significance of Mass Media on Today’s Culture
  2. What Role Has Food Played Within History
  3. What’s the Concept of Culture Shock?
  4. Social Divisions and Gourmet Food
  5. Solutions that Can Help to Eliminate World Hunger
  6. Extreme Foods Associated with Different Cultures
  7. The Impact Fast Foods Have Had on the American People
  8. Yoga and Meditation Practices from Around the Globe
  9. The Connection Between Dieting and Identity
  10. The History of a Particular Tradition or Culture
  11. What’s the Reality of the Separation of State and Church in the US?
  12. Explore a Religion Outside the One You Practice and Its Primary Values
  13. How Can Food Culture Impact a City or Community’s Development?
  14. Religion and Nationalism
  15. Social Media “Foodie” Culture
  16. Social Culture and Its Impact on Law


  1. How to Win Negotiation Efforts in a First Meeting
  2. The Significance of Accounting Research
  3. Engaged Personnel Leads to Higher Retention Rates
  4. Using Marketing, Advertising, and Promoting to Take Your Brand to the Next Level
  5. Which are the Best Sales Tactics?
  6. How to Employ Psychological Tactics in Brand Marketing
  7. How Employee Productivity is Affected by Different Leadership Styles


  1. Is the World Losing Its Tropical Rain Forests?
  2. Which are the Most Terrible Floods to Have Impacted the World?
  3. How Can Society Create a World that Operates Using Alternative Energy Sources?
  4. What Has Made the Tiger an Endangered Species?
  5. How Have Human Activities Contributed to Landslides?
  6. What Can Be Done to Reduce the Illegal Cut Down of Forests?
  7. Why Should Modern Farmers Switch to Organic Fertilizers?
  8. What Can Be Done to Prevent Animal Abuse?
  9. What Effects Did Hurricane Katrina Bring About?
  10. Fish in Oceans and Seas Have Started to Die. Why? 


  1. What Makes It Hard to Build a Romantic Relationship?
  2. Is It Possible for an Individual with Schizophrenia Not to Know They Have It?
  3. How Do Different Leadership Styles Influence Productivity?
  4. Can Teen Pregnancy Affect an Adolescent’s Mental Health?
  5. Can Psychological Trauma Come About Due to Vehicular Accidents?
  6. How Does Being Overweight or Obese Impact Your Mental Health?

Controversial Topics 

  1. Do Ghosts Exist?
  2. Gay Couples Adopting Kids
  3. Which Are the Fastest Growing Careers?
  4. What Caused the Titanic to Sink?
  5. Does Pleading Guilty Benefit You?

The list above includes 120 topic ideas for informative speeches. If you would like some help with your college essay, make sure to get in touch with our writing team.

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