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How to Use Spatial Order in Essay Writing Effectively?

spatial order
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Have you ever wondered what spatial order is in essay writing? If you plan to write a quality essay, you need to have more than just the right grammar. Correct punctuation and grammar are not the only things that make your essay stand out. There are other things like the usage and choice of words you need to consider when writing. An experienced writer knows which words to use and where they fit correctly.

In the English language, one word could have ten synonyms, but not all the words will fit in the same place. This is one thing that differentiates a good writer from an average writer. Apart from that, the organization of words also matters. This is because it determines how well the information is stuck and glued together. If you have no idea how to plan your essay structure, keep reading to gain more insight into what is spatial order and how to use it.

What is Spatial Order in Your Essay

What does spatial order mean in writing? It is the sequence of the texts that best describes a scene, object, or location, and then it follows by focusing on specific details in the setting. Spatial order can also be utilized in giving instructions and directions. For you to avoid confusion when writing, it’s best to use the essay organization to combine elements and object so that the reader understands your essay better. Let’s take a look at how to use it.

Select an Interesting Topic

The first thing to consider when writing a spatial essay is the subject matter. Choose a topic that connects well with the spatial organization. Selecting a good topic may be quite challenging. It must be focused and broad enough to find relevant information quickly. Make sure you have an idea of how you want your final essay to look like.

Start by brainstorming ideas. You can ask yourself questions such as what is currently going on, if you have any problems you would like to clarify, or if you are interested in a particular niche you would like people to know about. Another thing to do when choosing a topic is to be flexible and ensuring the subject is manageable.

Structure the Outline

Creating an outline is the next thing to do. The structure of the outline tells a lot about your paper. Its purpose is to identify the essential ideas in the essay according to their importance. It would be best if you decided what points you will discuss in your writing then put the points in numerical orders. That enables you to connect each point to the main idea of the paper. A good outline should make your ideas flow when writing the essay. To create the perfect outline, establish your purpose, create a list of main ideas, organize your primary thoughts, and finally add the relevant content to support the main ideas.

Give References and Examples

When writing essay content, use references and examples to back up your arguments. Since you will be describing an event, a thing, a place, or a situation, you will need many examples to help you form your spatial essay. Also, be specific as possible to keep your readers’ mind constant. Let them know what you are talking about so that they can connect with your essay efficiently.

To archive the best spatial order, you will need to have a starting point and an ending point. It helps you form the details correctly and arrange them in a manner that will flow in the body paragraph.

Create the Body Paragraphs

This is the central part of the essay, and the reader is more focused on this part. A good body paragraph explains and supports your arguments. In any spatial writing, it is essential to make the ideas in your body paragraph flow. The reader should not have a hard time connecting ideas.

You do not necessarily have to start the essay from the main point of view. You can as well start from the end as long as the points are written appropriately, arranged, and explained. As you write the sentences, remember to signal essential words and use transitional words to connect the texts.

Use Transitional Words

Spatial order essays require transitional words, especially when describing a scenario. It makes it easier for readers to connect the dots and see the main points in an essay. This is possible because the purpose of transitional words is to link ideas to achieve a paragraph that makes sense.

Some of the transitional words to use are; similarly, moreover, however, and in contrast to. On the other hand, signal words show the location or place of what you describe in the essay. Some include; behind, against, attached to, at the top of, etc.

Make the Essay Self-explanatory

Self-explanatory essays are based on facts, and to make it more enjoyable, include personal tones. With that, the reader will acknowledge your emotions. That way, they can see every detail in the way you want them to view it. This makes your writing more enjoyable, and your essay flows in a logical spatial order.

For example, if you are writing about your business, you need to add specific details and add some of your personality in the essay to make it look real. Hence, the reader is going to have a visual description of how your business looks like.


Spatial order is essential in essay writing as it makes your paper stand out and look unique. It helps your ideas flow in a manner that can be easily understood by any reader. Apart from that, the organization in your essay writing becomes creative and enjoyable.

The method is one of the best essay writing techniques that will impress your lecturers. If you have never focused on sequence writing or you’ve never used spatial order before, consider consulting an online essay writing firm such as Cheapest Essay for quality work. 

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