The Nexus between Social Media and Mental Fitness

Social Media Effect on Mental Health
Written by Em-em Avila

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Social media was earlier a medium to connect people and keep connections. In recent decades this is not the case, with social media broadening its scope and reach. The growth of social media has been multifold and manifold. 

One of the chief aims of social media these days is to showcase advertisements and rope in the target audience. Social media is now a platform for a plethora of new-age companies. Though most of the motive is towards a good cause, much of this is harmful and leads to your mind is constantly bombarded with a continuous flow of content. 

In a social media essay, this is what we would concentrate on. To tell you how social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter promote a great deal of dissatisfaction. The concern is how the flurry of social media has led to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

What is a Social Media Essay?

A social media essay aims to introduce a burning topic globally. It is a piece of academic writing which speaks about the highs and lows of social media and its impact on us. Only facts should be provided in the essay and not the opinions of the writers. We need the social media essay to be well-drafted for a better understanding of the topic.

Whatever the subject may be, the social media essay should end with a conclusion wherein the writers can share their opinion. The positive and negative impact of social media is discussed in this social media essay to keep it balanced and not opinionated. 

What does a Social Media essay speak about?

When writing a social media essay, one of the essential points is the toxic cycle it creates. Social networking has both been a boon and a bane for humanity. Though we connect via Whatsapp, we have lost personal connection and rely on empty emojis. 

Even when we have spare time, we idle on social media sites that contribute nothing to our personal or mental growth. Oodles of time are wasted by mindlessly scrolling. This is because every minute, so much content is bulldozed on us that we lose track. 

The mind can only take as much, and excess information tires our mind. After all, your brain is not used to soak up all this massive array of content overload. One of the significant side effects that our social media essay must not forget is how social media brings depression. 

We are constantly anxious and agitated and end up being discontent and disconcerted. We do not have the time and energy to channelize our thoughts. We always crave another life and have a feeling of missing out on something. 

How Privacy is Compromised on Social Media Platforms 

Also, people constantly posting their stories and updating their posts with every single activity on the social media site gives no privacy. It is as if your life is out there for everyone to view and have a peek at. Your life is an open book, and your thoughts are out there.

In our social media essay, we must write how our data is out for advertisers to gorge on. Data mining is a severe concern that you can see in a Netflix documentary called ‘The Great Hack.’ This shows how elections alone have been rigged because of the vast sea of data available to these companies. 

Social Media Influence 

The influence of social media can be a deterrent in personal growth and affects your private space. A constant badgering of content on your feed aims to influence your thinking based on your search patterns. Artificial intelligence is such that it detects every movement or preference or yours based on specially crafted algorithms. 

When you are just thinking of buying a new floral dress, various options and brands flicker on your screen. The notifications you receive are endless and influence your brain in the manner that you buy them. That is how dangerous social media influence can be on us. We need to highlight these points in our social media essay, which will speak of the main problem. 

In our social media essay, we can discuss how social media giants like Facebook and Instagram rely heavily on ad revenue for their revenue. Mark Zuckerberg recently had to testify how social media is supposed to be used responsibly to connect people and spark interesting discussions. 

Sunnyside of Social Media platforms

While writing a social media essay, we cannot forget how informative and idea-generating social media sites can be. Instagram and Facebook post-human experiences, articles, and motivational quotes can uplift the readers from their stressful lives.

 But then excess social media is what is harmful, not the medium itself. It was initially created to be a platform for active discussion. Still, now it has degenerated into religious fanatics using it as a place to spark online propaganda and hate-mongering. 

How to structure and write a social media essay? 

A social media essay structure will comprise three parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. 


When you introduce the topic, in this case, how social media affects mental health, begin by relating it to the existing scenario. A relationship must be established between them. Adding some credible data and statistics helps make it a rich read. 

After this, you need to give a strong thesis statement of the hypothesis upon which your social media essay will be based. This thesis statement should be precise and open to arguments and discussions. This will help your essay find a proper structure. 

Main Body 

Your main body should comprise arguments that are logical and relevant to your hypothesis. Divide your statements into paragraphs and introduce each one of them in a separate section. This will help you structure your social media essay.


For a concluding paragraph, get your hypothesis back. Also, mention the facts or arguments you discussed earlier to support or refute them. A conclusion is fantastic when it invokes thought in the mind of the reader. Also, your conclusion doesn’t need to have both pros and cons; it can either have one of them or both. 

Types of Social Media essay tones 

Persuasive Essay Sample

When you speak about how social media affects teenagers, millennials, and new-age children, it needs to be persuasive. Just writing the thesis would not convince the readers. For this, you will need to add a thesis with an impact statement followed by impactful arguments that either support or questions your theory. 

We do not see how social media is used in a negative way and not for the positive difference it can make in the lives of young adults. Parents forget the knowledge that social media imparts in the race to outdo each other in academic and non-academic activities. From diverse cultures, perspectives, a worldview to valuable information, social media has everything. 

But, on the other hand, there is a lot of time wastage and mindless scrolling which happens on social media. Since we absorb so much content, we are less productive and active in our lives. With corona and work from home, even the slight movement we had has been reduced. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to other lifestyle diseases. 

Overdependence on social media is a serious concern. People must be encouraged to meet and interact with each other on a physical level and not virtually. Earlier, there were no social media sites, but we were happy and content. 

This is happening because neither the parents nor the teachers encourage positive social media behavior among them. They should be educated on how social media is beneficial for them and channel it for selective information gathering. 

Schools and colleges should take students for trips and encourage them to interact with their peers. This will lessen their time on social media and make it easier for them to connect, rather than living an artificial and alternate reality. 

Argumentative social media essay 

You can introduce a challenging and exciting topic in this kind of social media essay. It is intended to change the reader’s opinion by convincing them of the opposite side of the argument. 

For example how these social media sites allure youngsters who make the parents scared. Cyberbullying is common where an unknown person or Reddit catfishes their children. The future of social media is in uncertain waters due to the negative impression it has left upon the users. 

Much of the confidential data of the user is being fished by corporate giants for their marketing. This is one of the very negative impacts of social media sites. This information is being misused by big corporate houses to disturb people with constant ad bombs.


Penning down a social media essay is not for the lighthearted and takes many clear ideas to make it wholesome. Whether you are a high school student or a college student in a university, your social media must have a proper outline, structure, and valid points to make it engaging for readers. 

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