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How to Write a Rogerian Argument Essay Like an Expert?

rogerian argument
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

The Rogerian Argument essay is one of the most challenging forms of essay writing, and it was named after Carl Rogers. He aimed at making everyone comprehend the main point. The two conflicting sides can then come to a mutual agreement and have a lively debate about the issue.

The Rogerian essay aims to convince the reader of the opposing opinion to enter into a positive conversation and exchange ideas. Carl Rogers believed that one could find the right solutions to problems with empathy, even when their opinions are controversial.

If you’ve been asked to write an essay sample and you don’t have an idea of where to begin, please read carefully to understand how to formulate a Rogerian argument essay.

A Rogerian Essay writing Guide

Writing a Rogerian argument is not so complicated as the other essays. The only difference is that you have to present the other party’s opinion and analyze it. Here is how you will begin.

Select a Topic

The first thing to do is finding a good topic that can be discussed well. A good topic should be broad, and it should allow you to find information quickly. You can start by brainstorming or think about any controversial issues you have read or heard about in the news. It is wise to try out new ideas that have not yet been exhausted to make your essay interesting.

Find Information

Search for relevant information to back up the opinions. Give facts and go further to explain the reasons why the two statements differ. You can find information on online platforms, magazines, journals, textbooks, etc. Do not forget to link and quote sources if you are writing another person’s text.

Create an Outline

It is essential to have an outline that will guide you when you are writing. Arrange your main points in order of how you will discuss them. If you have no idea of how to go about it, you can check the Rogerian argument essay example online. It will help you have an idea of how to formulate your essay.

Share Brief and Present your Opinion.

This is the time you give a brief explanation of what is your aim. Make the readers understand that you are not writing to oppose an opinion but reach a common ground. Also, express your views about the issue, do not argue out the points in this part. That is for the body section of the paper.

Present the Other Party’s Strong Argument

After you have presented your opinion, you can now state the other party’s view. While writing this part, you need to be very keen. Please find all the facts right to discuss the correct thing because the other party might accuse you of hiding information that supports their argument.

Show how the conflicting arguments differ.

Analyze the two opinions and write on how they differ from each other. If you cannot present the points clearly, then the Rogerian essay won’t make sense to the reader. 

Point out meeting points

When you are almost at the end of the paper, you must present and explain what is common about conflicting opinions. It is a crucial point because it achieves collaboration between the two parties.

Finally, Integrate your Ideas and Put a Standard Agreement.

As you conclude, incorporate your general ideas in the essay and do not be biased. Your conclusion should have a good ending even if you completely do not agree with the other opinion. You should be neutral and show respect for other peoples’ opinions. 

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind

Apart from the things discussed above, if you plan on writing an excellent Rogerian argument essay examples that others can also use as a reference, you should consider this;

Using a Neutral Tone

The right tone will make your Rogerian argument essay seem positive. Your readers will feel that your intentions are clear, and most likely, they will agree with what you are writing about.

Avoid False Notations

It is wrong to give wrong statements when writing a Rogerian Essay. Do not misjudge or exaggerate anything, but give facts as they are, and nobody is going to dispute your essay.

Keep the Balance

Balancing your arguments is another essential thing to consider. It’s not fair to lean only on one side as the other party will feel you aren’t expressing their opinions as they want it. Give a positive idea for positive thought and vice versa. 

Find Something Common About the Opinions.

As mentioned earlier, if you cannot give a common ground between the two conflicting opinions, there will be no point in writing the essay. This completes your report. It is what makes both parties come into a positive dialogue and exchange ideas.

Understand More About the Opposing Opinion

Before presenting both opinions, it is a good idea to have learned more about the opposing argument. This will help you have concrete facts about the issue. You will not lean so much on one side just because you do not have enough points to write about the other opinion.

Settle the Argument Positively.

This is in the last part you must achieve the main aim of writing the paper. Ensure that the reader has well understood your point, and the two parties can open each other world concerning their issues. That way, you would have achieved the purpose of a Rogerian argument.

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