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Remote Learning Resources to Learn and Grow in 2021

remote learning resources
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The effects of Covid 19 are evident in almost every sector, and education is not an exception. Learning in all institutions has been disrupted, causing students, teachers, institutions, and government to look for ways to promote learning remotely. It has led to the rise of different online teaching and learning tools for students and teachers at home.

There are countless remote learning resources, and it is vital for the parties involved to know to determine a tool with high quality for impact learning. Also, they must choose one with the latest technology to make sharing of instruction easy and effective. 

Although these tools were necessary even before the pandemic, they have become more helpful during this transition. They have been made freely accessible and thoughtful to ensure a high level of learners’ engagement that warrants efficacious instruction. It is the reason why we have compiled a list below to make your selection easy.


Adobe has upgraded and developed multiple other tools to ensure learners and instructors in high school and higher learning institutions are fully involved in at-home learning. The tools include those for Google Drive, sign, and Adobe Acrobat. 

Guardians, parents, instructors, and students can use adobe tools to go paperless. They can enjoy impactful online teaching and learning at high security while complying with all the global requirements.


It is easy to get any document format a student wants at their home’s comfort, whether HTML, DOCX, PDF, PPTX, PDF, or PPT. The Blackboard Company has invented a tool called File Transformer, which is accessible online for free. It allows one to convert documents into any format of choice.

Therefore, learners can convert course contents digitally to formats that suit their unique learning desires.

All non-profit educational institutions have access to the tool that supports online classrooms offered by this company. The resource supports the streaming of lecture contents, one-on-one teaching, chat, whiteboard collaboration, small classroom work, and management console. Only registration is required to start.


Through it, a teacher can come up with a prompt custom discussion for their classes. The instructor provides teaching and learning materials which students review and provide unique individual responses.


It contains a library of real-world applications, videos, flashcards, exercises, and videos. All of these are free and have all content areas covered thoroughly by 5000 and above concepts. A teacher can use CK-12 to develop science and math resources and materials for lessons and digital textbooks.

Microsoft Whiteboard

It allows an instructor to create a virtual canvas to converge their classroom members worldwide and different devices. From either their browser windows or the Whiteboard app, the parties can brainstorm simultaneously.

It has invented the Abre Hub. The remote learning resources here are available and accessible online. Only district representatives are required to register. It has a commonplace where posts from users on announcements and news can be found. From this place, one obtains an immediate utilization of software tools.

Achieve 3000

With Achieve 3000, you can get differentiated literacy learning materials for free. Achieve 3000 Literacy at Home allows teachers, parents, and guardians to sign up their students.

Flipped Learning Global Initiative and Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences

This company has provided a way to smoothly transition to remote instruction giving by the publication of their resource “Rapid Transition to Online Learning.” It provides a checklist for IT managers and administrators, tutorial videos for instructors, a plan to follow in the transition, and multiple volunteers from all over the world dedicated to answering questions.

ACT Academy

Here they offer unlimited materials such as assessments, assignments, lesson plans, and audio files. They help persons to test and practice for the ACT, Tessera, Aspire, and Pre-ACT exams.


It has ad-and tracking –blocker for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. It is a three-month program for privacy protection accessible to only three devices and only to users with a free personal account.


It contains “Walkabouts,” a tool with lesson programs that are web-based to suit grades K-2 students. The platform provides states standard learning experiences in math and language arts. The content of grade level in ActivEd is accessible to parents, teachers, and students.


It is mainly valuable for students in colleges and other institutions of higher learning. It has remote learning resources that promote grammar and spelling checking and asking and answering questions. 

Students can post questions from their area of study and get answers from the subject area experts. Also, they can check their assignments for grammar and spelling by posting them here. 


It is a K-2 students learning tool available online. It allows students to examine themselves and determine their progress. It is by practicing through the available diagnostic assessments. This tool does not enable lesson planning, but it is excellent for learners who are oriented to getting better grades.


It is an online software designed to help tutors make lessons and lesson plans that contain activities that assess learners interactively.

It facilitates the teaching and learning of chemistry at the K-12 level. The activities are possible because it contains the tips, tools, and other required resources.


It is a bookmarking website for tagging Web Pages. Only the users that are signed in can use it. One can highlight webpage parts and also attach sticky notes to either a whole page or specific highlights.

When to Seek Help

You may have all these remote learning resources at your disposal but still experience difficulties during at-home learning. Without your tutors’ help, it can be hard to navigate through the assignments allocated to you. So, one might want to seek help during such times.

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