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How to Manage Mental Health in College Students?

mental health in college students
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A period when one is studying away from home can be challenging, and hence they should follow some guidelines to maintain sanity. People going for studies, especially to international schools, face many changes, like being out of reach from family and almost everyone close to them. One is left alone without anyone to check on them and their physical progress.

Mental health in college students may deteriorate due to them being overwhelmed and stressed. A student is faced with new challenges to conform and fit in a new environment, people, and a new lifestyle altogether. 

One is expected to undergo all these changes and still concentrate on their studies and pass exams. All of it provides the risk of mental health issues in college students.

What to Do?

Failure to find the correct balance results in mental illness in college students that drain them physically, spiritually, mentally, and leave them without a chance to excel academically. Since a college is a place one goes not only to obtain academic excellence but also for personal growth, one must know how to maintain the necessary balance.  

There are several things to take care of to maintain mental health in college students, as explained below;


It is vital in maintaining whole-body wellness, improving sleep, and essential in eliminating stress. It should be part of one’s college life whether one is busy or not. Have a program that incorporates exercise and one that you can adjust to fit your schedule when it becomes tight. 

It is for sure that one can get too busy, resulting in limited time. It can be so during exams and due to loads of assignments. One may be tempted to abandon exercise in the attempt to save time. Withdrawing from such activity or not participating in any is the root of bad mental health in college students. 

So, instead of dropping off exercise, one should space all their activities in the time available, with keeping fit being one of them.

Sleep Adequately

Sleep is a significant factor in mental health and college students. Such an environment with so many activities that might make one feel like sleeping too much will deprive them of the time required to fulfill their responsibilities. However, not sleeping well may cause you to fail in those activities and at the same time compromise your health. 

Things like avoiding napping during the daytime, having the exact periods of sleeping and waking up, avoiding caffeine when about to sleep, and only ensuring the bed are used for sleeping are crucial to providing adequate and healthy sleep.

One is Encouraged to Dedicate Time to Care for Oneself

If a person gets mixed in all the college activities, they often forget their personal needs. Not minding oneself can result in ignorance of unhealthy things, leading to deteriorating health. Engage in relaxing activities that you love to avoid falling into depression. Go for movies, do sports or engage in mindfulness such as yoga.

It enables one to get off the daily activities and have time to relax. This time is a moment to discover oneself and eliminate the piling up of stress from a busy schedule to promote wellbeing. 

Understand Drug Use and Its Effects

One of the prevalent challenges in people at this level is the influence to indulge in drug use. Drugs utilization as a result of influence can result in abuse and dependency. Some students believe bhang use will keep them alert. So, to attend to duties, they take it often and slowly leads to harmful mental effects.

Through this experimentation, dependency arises and later abuse that compromises mental health.

Health Literacy is Crucial

Being health literate in college will help you take care of yourself from people who assisted you. If one is under medication, they should know to get it right when they are not feeling well, need refills, and attend doctor appointments and consultations independently.

Even if one isn’t under medication, it is crucial to have health literacy so they can be able to seek medical attention whenever they suspect to be unwell. Failure to take care of your health can cause other issues that can lead to mental illness.

Have an Understanding of Mental Wellness and Know When to Get Help

All the parties involved should know the importance of mental health in college students and how to participate. To keep this sanity, one must know how to seek assistance and not well. Be mindful of oneself and also others in their peer to form a robust support system for themselves away from their families.

Avoid things that can lead to poor sanities, such as avoiding peer pressure, keeping good company, and selecting friends that show you the right path. Being time conscious through proper time management is also an additional way to reduce stress and avoid depression. Ensure assignments are done on time, and you keep constant revision before exams.

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