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Essential Tips for Writing Good Assignment Introductions

good assignment introductions
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Worry no more. Below are the essential tips for writing good assignment introductions.

Writing a good assignment introduction is a very significant task for every student. Assignment introduction presents the main idea of your assignment. This may show how well you can present the main focus and purpose of your assignment. To make your assignment introduction better, it should be informed that other students or readers should also learn from it. Please take into consideration that the First impression is the last impression, as they say. So make it a good assignment introduction.

Salient points must be considered to impress your professor. Here are some tips that should be present on your good assignment introductions:

  • Well-defined topic– to make good assignment introductions, your topic must be clear and specific. Clearly define the topic you are going to discuss the entire paper and have it introduced in the first part of your assignment introduction.
  • Emphasize the essence of your chosen topic. Aside from being clear with your topic, a good assignment clearly states the essence of the topic you chose. Answer the question “Why introduce this topic?”  to the readers of your assignment introduction. 
  • Catchy. A good assignment introduction must grab the attention of the readers. This should enable the reader to be interested in your topic. But do not confuse the readers on what your topic was.
  • Reason out. It may sound cliché, but it is a fact that a good introduction reason out the purpose of undertaking the topic you chose. One sentence to divulge the main objective of the assignment is enough, don’t make a paragraph just for an objective to be noticed. 
  • Do not write too long paragraphs. Good assignment introductions are not too lengthy; it is just enough to say that it contains the necessary elements you need to convey your message and reason on choosing the topic. Commonly three sentences were enough to introduce your topic of interest. 
  • Respect sources. Do not claim that a certain passage you took was now yours. That would not make you a good writer nor a good student and would also not provide you with a good assignment. There are so many plagiarism checking engines online. Remember that. You have to pay proper respect to the rightful authors of the passages. American Psychological Association format or APA format is commonly used on citing sources. Ask your teacher or professor about the required citation style.
  • Limit your scope. Do not claim that your study can explain a very broad topic. A good assignment introduction limits its scope to make it easy yet complete. Broad topic yields lengthy paper and longer time to write; the long paper does not impress your teachers or professors, make it concise yet meaningful.

How to write a good assignment introduction?

  1. Think about your topic. 
  2. Was there a pool of topics given, or you have to provide one for yourself?
  3. On the topic I chose, was there any existing problem I can resolve?
  4. Can I have this topic done in an allowable span of time?
  5. Were there any textual considerations at stake?
  1. Create a narrative hook.
  2. Did I create a good narrative hook?
  3. Have I drawn their attention?
  4. Who’s going to read my assignment aside from my teacher?
  5. What is the age of persons who’ll likely to understand this topic?
  6. Can they easily understand the content of my introduction?
  1. Compose your introduction very well.
  2. Did I make it too short or too long?
  3. Did I include good examples?
  4. Did I left a bit of mystery on the introduction, or have I poured in everything?

Writing an Introduction for an Assignment

  • Use the funnel approach, or others call it a Deductive approach. Start writing about the broad topic, trim it down bit-by-bit until it becomes specific. After trimming it down, start elaborating the topic you are pinpointing. This will make your introduction a good one. 
  • Chop off the topic into smaller bits. Those smaller bits can be used as subtitles on the entire study. These can be seen in good assignment introductions. This guides the reader on the unity of the concept you have provided. 
  • The most important factor to consider in creating a good assignment introduction is that your assignment introduction must give the readers a good spectrum of what is going to be the content of your paper. This should enable them to grasp the topic you are introducing fully.
  • Aligned with the title. A good assignment introduction is well aligned with the title of the assignment. Unless it’s a creative writing subject, where students may be as creative as possible on the title. Alignment with the narrative hook is quite an important factor on considering a good assignment introduction.
  • Errorless. Consider rechecking your grammar and tenses. This has been one of the major flaws students encounter whenever writing anything. Assignment introduction is very important just like any other introduction on various papers. 
  • Attractive. Words can be as colourful and as sweet as candies. It can also be as sexy as you opt it to be. Just make sure that it should follow the format provided by your teacher. If a format was not given, do the basics. A good assignment introduction attracts the readers’ attention.

Regardless of the topic to choose from. A student must always impress their teacher or professor by providing a Good assignment introduction and a complete, competent paper free from plagiarism. Your paper and assignment introduction shows how well you understand your teacher’s and professors’ topics introduced and discussed. Providing them with a good assignment introduction shows enough that you fully grasp the entirety of the topic.

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