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How To Write An Impressive Research Paper In Three Steps

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The Step-by-Step Guide How to Write a Research Paper

Writing an academic research paper can be a terrifying task to many students and yet, we cannot do away with it, for it is one of the most basic requirements of our subjects that we need to comply.

The writing process is already a daunting task, how much more if you are to follow a certain criteria in doing it? It makes research paper writing more challenging and difficult to most average students. But rather than being discouraged, you should make yourself motivated because there are so many ways to conquer your research paper no matter how hard it can be, it is still doable and achievable.

Research paper constitutes a certain portion of your grade thus it is important that you do it diligently. Just like any piece of writing, research paper follow a step-by-step process necessary to complete its different parts. Without further ado, here are the three steps of writing a research paper finally revealed!

Prior to writing your research paper, you must condition your body and mind for it will help you focus on the task at hand.

Step One: Research Your Topic

In researching for your chosen topic you should do the following:

  1. Review your topic

    – in any piece of writing, it is imperative that you are fully knowledgeable of the topic. In research paper writing, the topic serve as its lifeblood. Everything you search and write revolves around it. It will guide you as to what information you should be collecting.

  2. Take note of the due date

    – it is very important that you are aware of how much time you have to work on your research paper so you can allocate it properly.

  3. Pre-write your research paper

    – this is the process where you prepare to write. It is the time when you presume who will be your audience. During this phase, you will be brainstorming about some writing technicalities such as the tone of voice that you will be using, the academic level of writing which you should be able to achieve, the number of references you will be using as well as the writing style you will be using in writing.

  4. Look for reputable resources

    – a research paper needs credible and reputable resources such as materials from your school library. Ask permission to use electronic databases of your school for your research work. Don’t hesitate to ask your librarian for more than anyone else, he/she knows the library collection and he/she can help you locate the resource materials you’ll be needing.

  5. Thoroughly evaluate all your sources

    – carefully evaluate all the books, academic journals, electronic news articles and other materials you’ve collected about your topic. You must take down notes of the basic information of the material you use for referencing purposes and just in case you need to get back to it, you can easily locate it again. Remember to use credible resources only. If you are not so sure if a source is credible or not, you can ask your librarian or your teachers. A head start perhaps, Wikipedia is not considered a good source so avoid using it and it is better to use Google Scholar than Google Search in finding reliable electronic resources.

  6. Take notes diligently

    – gather all the information you’ll see in your resources that are relevant to your research paper. It is imperative that you keep your research organized so you can easily keep track of your work. Again, always remember to include in your note the sources where you take it from. Follow whichever citation format your are instructed to do so.

Step Two: Write Your Research Paper

Here are the things you must do when you are already in the writing phase of your research paper.

  1. Write an outline

    – the key to writing coherently is to follow a certain writing outline. It will be your guide throughout the writing process to ensure that you are writing in a logical order.

  2. Spend enough time coining your thesis

    – the thesis statement is the main point of your research paper. It is important that you formulate it well. Like in most pieces of writing, it is often found in the last part of your first paragraph. It bears the argument or the point that you will be trying to prove in the entire research paper. Think of something relevant to your topic based on your research that you are able to prove with all the evidence you have collected. You also need to make sure that your thesis is carried out throughout the content of your research paper.

  3. Write your introduction

    – everybody has a unique way of writing so whatever your style was, use it with the main aim of getting the readers’ interested with your topic. You should be able to briefly discuss the importance of your research for it will give it the value for the reader to invest their time reading your work.

  4. Write the body of your research paper

    – when you are writing the body of your research paper, you should follow the flow you’ve written in your outline. You can make each paragraph as one main point, time period or an issue. Make sure to elaborate your point by adding as much relevant information as needed.

  5. Cite while you write

    – use the sources that you have collected as you write and cite them as you go. Include in-text citations in your research paper. There are some websites which can help you cite your sources properly such EasyBib.

  6. Integrate your own ideas in your research paper

    – remember that this is your research paper so own it, make it original and authentic. Make sure to prove your thesis using your sources and your own words.

  7. Come up with your own brilliant conclusion

    – your conclusion should wrap up your research paper. All loose ends must be tied up together. Your conclusion proves the main point of your paper. When you are writing your conclusion, you should think “what’s the point of your research paper?” Remember that your conclusion is not restating your thesis but showing how all your ideas come together.

Step Three: Edit And Proofread Your Research Paper.

Before you submit or publish your research paper, it is imperative to have it edited and proofread by professional editors.

  1. Consult a professional research paper writing service

    – there are hundreds if not thousands of online professional research paper writing services which offer a variety of services from writing, editing to proofreading all types of paper. Whenever you find it difficult to accomplish your research paper, you can always consult them. However, you must always be vigilant to avoid scammers so we strongly suggest that you use Cheapestessay for your writing assignment needs. It is a legit writing service that offers high-quality service and contents at affordable prices. The hired professional writers and editors who can help you with your research paper.

  2. Have your research paper edited and proofread by an expert

    – it is important that your paper is thoroughly checked before turning it in. Editing and proofreading are two important stages of the revision process. It aims to correct all your writing errors to make your research paper more comprehensive.

  3. Submit your paper on time

    – the purpose of the deadline is to pass all your papers on that specific date. Asking for an extension may or may not be granted depending on your teacher however, in most cases, submitting your papers late is a deduction from your grades and worst-case scenario, teachers will not accept your work anymore so it is very important that you are responsible enough to beat the deadline.

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