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Practical Tips and Examples on How to Write an Article Review

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Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Such a text aims to impart more profound logic in an assignment by evaluating the master title, presenting critics surrounding the initial research on the paper, and giving the go-ahead for additional research. It is a type of task where one assesses someone else’s article to provide a summary.

When presented with a task to produce such a write-up, it is relevant that one clearly understands what the assignment in question entails to sum it up adequately. It requires you to do enough research by going through article review examples provided by professionals in that specific subject to get good guidelines on how to write an article review.

1. What it Entails

There are two categories of paper-evaluation, literature and critical review. One that involves evaluation of the details contained in a book or an article is critical review. One that focuses on more information in a deeper length is the literature review. However, the guides on writing an article sample irrespective of the category are almost the same.

A well-written text must follow the correct format. The writer should know the appropriate format before getting into writing. All the parts such as the heading section, abstract, introductory subsection, the main content, summary section, and citation of literature must contain the correct details.

Also, the writer’s preparation before writing is essential. In addition to the above, below are ideas that can help come up with an effective text.

a) Tactics for Writing Article Review

  1. Read the Study Work Carefully

Perusing is crucial when doing an article review. It helps one understand the initiator’s mind when writing the article. It gives you an in-depth idea of the whole work and makes. There are three essential reading strategies that one must follow to grasp the main intention of the study. The three methods include:


Scanning a particular study is vital. It helps one find specific data from a distinct piece of text. When scanning, please go through the distinct data one needs and read it carefully. A scanning process is a quick form of reading where one does not concentrate on other aspects of the text.


Similar to scanning, skimming also involves going through a text very quickly. The difference is the overall goal. Unlike scanning, skimming allows the reader to grasp the main intention from the whole text. To perform skimming fast, read through the introductory section of the text and then read the first sentence in each paragraph’s body section.

When skimming, don’t waste time looking for the meaning of new vocabulary. 

Reading for detail

It involves a careful reading of the whole text and taking note of every detail. Unlike the other two processes, this is a slower process. One needs to read every word from the beginning to the end of the passage. When reading in detail, avoid looking for the meaning of any vocabulary you come across. Frequent checking may slow down the pace further and hinder you from understanding the study. 

Following the above three strategies when reading through for article review will help one grasp the work’s main intention.

  1. Display the Necessary Information to Readers

Every article writing and review must contain necessary information about the text. Remember to include the author’s name, the publisher’s name and date of publication, and the city. One can also display the link to the text’s information for the end-users to refer to while going through the article review sample. 

Ensure these details are accurate to avoid misleading. Providing this information helps one from being accused of plagiarism. It is good always to acknowledge the writer even if your ideas contradict each other. 

Here is an example on how to show information about the reviewed article:

Scherr, S. J. (1995). Economic factors in farmer adoption of agroforestry: patterns observed in western Kenya. World Development, 23 (5), 787-804.

In case the information is from a website provide a link as follows:

Mugo, F. W. (1997). Factors contributing to woodfuel scarcity and the consequent use of crop residues for domestic energy in rural Kenya. M.S. thesis. Cornell University, New York, USA.

  1. Find Out More Information About the Audience

When writing a critique report, think about the audience and how they will access the write-up. Readers can access the work through local and national publications or online websites. Find out the exact places where you wish to publish the review. 

Take note that there is a variety of groups of readers. When trying to understand how to write an article review sample, it is equally important to note that there are different readers to the article review example. Some expert readers will focus on their specialty area, and some general readers will concentrate on the essential information. 

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  1. Pick a Stand

It is the main agenda of all article reviews. It involves giving one’s opinion regarding the text in evaluation. The stand can either be negative or positive. One can also decide to stand on a middle ground and give mixed feedback. 

The important thing when taking a stand is to provide strong evidence to support the case. Sometimes readers may disagree with your stand, but they should see how you came up with that conclusion. Do not leave anything hanging since it may interfere with the write-up’s general quality. 

  1. Understand the Conventions

Most writings follow a specific genre. It can either be romance, action, educational, or a mystery. Understand the difference between them and take note of the theme, structure dialogue, and any other relevant aspects. 

Ensure that the example takes into consideration the general convention. 

  1. Avoid Summing up the Entire Write-Up

Articles have an introductory section, middle subsections, and conclusion. Readers go through these parts differently because they want to understand what happens in each section. Avoid giving any detail on your review so that readers can refer more from the original work. Leave them with suspense.

Other Options

The above guidelines and tips are great to help you know how to write an article review effectively. However, you may lack the needed courage to go ahead and sum up a review for the first time. Do not tense because there is an option for you. 

Just like any other form of writing, you can seek help from professional academic writing companies online with a simple click. Writing does not have to give you a headache when there are multiple online writing services with professional writers. Order your paper today and get the results of your dreams.

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