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Key Strategies on How to Write a DBQ Essay

how to write a dbq
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

How to write a DBQ essay, or rather a document-based-question is not an easy task for many scholars. It is because of its format that many students do not get. Writing this essay is essential for students as it tests their understanding skills and analysis skills. The following skills are equally important as they contribute to a student’s academic qualification.

DBQ essay is an academic paper that is part of the AP.U.S History exam set by the United States College Board. If you are wondering how to write a DBQ paper, do not let it stress you because Cheapest Essay will guide you on writing a document-based question successfully. Let’s look at it right away. 

1. Steps on How to Write a Good DBQ Essay

Are you clueless about how to start a dbq paper? A dbq essay has various sections plus other things that you must consider for it to be successfully completed. Our step-by-step instructions include the things you must include in your dbq paper to achieve the required standard. Here they are:

a) Plan in Advance

Planning is very important, especially if you are going to perform a task. Usually, a dbq essay takes 3 hours. This means that you should use your first 15 minutes to prepare by gathering all the sources provided. Also, analyze all the key points and write them down, including ideas to back up your argument.

The structure is also essential when it comes to document based questions. Therefore, while writing your key points, write them under the required title. Here is how your dbq essay structure should look like.

b) Write a Clear Outline

An outline is very crucial in any essay writing. If you do not know how to write a dbq paper, an outline would greatly help. First, you must begin with an introduction and include a clear and reasonable thesis, next is the body, and finally, a conclusion.

  • The Opening Paragraph

This is the first thing always to consider when you are thinking of how to start a dbq. The first paragraph is usually the introduction. It talks about what will be in the essay and must include a hook. It must explain in brief what your dbq essay will contain. Lastly, you must have a clear statement that leads your audience to your essay, the thesis.

  • The Thesis of a DBQ Paper

If you want to know about how to write a dbq, you must differentiate between the thesis of other essays and for a dbq because they are different. For a dbq paper, you require three separate paragraphs for the thesis. This can take about 20 minutes to prepare it.

The first paragraph should talk about the claims you have made on your paper. The second section describes your essay, and the third one should talk about how you will answer the question. The thesis plays an essential role in dbq structure, which is why you must have the rules at your fingertips. It should include two sentences long and must be 2 to 3 paragraphs.

  • The second section of your dbq essay

The second section is the body, and it is essential when writing your dbq essay. If you are going to write about five paragraphs, ensure that you have five main points. The secret is to find key points and ensure that you have points to back them up so that you do not mix ideas in your body section. Ensure that each point you introduce is well linked to your introduction and thesis.

Also, paragraphs must connect for your dbq essay to flow systematically. Pen down all your sources and ensure that you avoid plagiarism at all costs.

  • The last paragraph

Your conclusion must be short and has to persuade your audience. It is your chance to include all the necessary recommendations concerning your dbq essay. The conclusion must have “the big idea,” meaning that it must answer the question. 

c) Lastly, Proofread your Work

This is usually the last thing to consider when learning how to write a dbq paper. Proofreading and editing your work is crucial because it makes a big difference. You can also ask your friends to do it for you or get proofreading services from Cheapest Essay. This will help you gauge if you know how to write a dbq paper. 

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2) Tips to Consider When Writing a DBQ Paper

Knowing how to write a dbq paper involves putting some things into consideration, such as understanding the question. Apart from a good essay structure, you must identify main points that add to knowing how to write a dbq. Such things may include;

a) Duration

Before you think of how to start a dbq essay, you must know the required time limit to plan. The best thing to do is practice it several times to see how long it can take you to write a complete dbq essay.

b) Follow Instructions Carefully

Mostly, students find themselves writing what they think instead of reading what the examiner wants. It is wise to follow instructions to ensure that you are not out of topic. Also, read the document to get the sources right.

c) Use Examples

This is an excellent way to know how to write a dbq. Examples are meant to guide you accordingly and show you what you must include in your dbq to get a grade-A paper.

3) Where can I get Qualified Essay Help?

If you are still stuck on how to write a dbq essay, you can always get help from professionals who have done it for decades. They will guide you through it and ensure your assignment is always provided on time with no plagiarism. All you have to do is ask for help from “do my essay” services from us and we will be happy to help you.

We are one platform that will ensure your work is done to the best quality. They also ensure your work is well proofread before delivering.

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