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Top Tips on Writing Exceptional Compare and Contrast Essay

compare and contrast essay
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Essay Writing is part of students’ lives while in college. They must create the right pieces to get good grades. A compare and contrast essay is a common assignment that is usually assigned to students.

The essay examines two or more topics to state the differences and unexpected similarities of each side. The topics can either be closely related or can be very different. It can either be about an item, event, or phenomenon. 

You might think that writing this kind of paper is easy, but you will be surprised to find it’s quite challenging, especially if you cannot piece all the information correctly. 

Formulating a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

It would be best if you start by creating an outline. When forming an outline, you should remember it serves as a roadmap for your paper. Another advantage of having a strategy, it helps you keep your thoughts organized and well-structured. When writing, you should have the following things:


The introduction should have a hook. It should spark interest in the reader. He or she should be eager to find out more about what you are discussing. It should also include several sentences that support the main idea. Finally, it should contain a thesis statement to summarize the whole paper.

Body Section

After formulating a catchy introduction, start supporting your main arguments. If you plan on writing five paragraphs, each section’s first line should have a sentence with the main idea. Follow it with pieces that support the idea, then finally a conclusion. You can also include the pros and cons of the objects, if there are any. 


This is the last section of the paper and should be carefully written. First, you should restate the thesis statement and remind the reader of the evidence discussed above. You can add a call-to-action or ask a question to challenge the reader. Please keep it short and to the point. It must also be positive.

Structure of the Essay

If your professor has not given the structure to use, you can use any of these three approaches discussed below.

Block Structure

If you choose to use this structure, you should mention in the compare and contrast essay introduction that you will explain one object at a time. In this structure, you first begin to list information about one object, then the comparison of the other object comes afterward. The structure is mostly used for problem-solution essay.

Point-by-point Method

When using this structure to write a compare and contrast essay, you need to balance both sides’ points to avoid being biased. In the structure, each object’s similarity or difference is followed by a similarity (or difference) of another object. This method is relatively easy and fast to use as it allows you to keep the balance so long as you have points ready. 

Venn diagram

This structure is quite complicated but can have a good impact while writing. It involves drawing two large circles and labeling each of them, depending on the objects you choose to discuss. In the overlapping section, you write all the two objects’ similarities. Then on the ends, you write their differences. 

How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

Knowing the approaches to write a compare and contrast essay is one thing. If you already have an outline, it will be easier for you to combine the points, form sentences, and paragraphs that make sense.

Take your time to craft a good outline because you will need it in your first draft creation. The tips for creating an outline are mentioned at the beginning of this article. Another thing to do is researching important information. Find all your facts right, and get extra information to back up your ideas.  

Your main goal is to find out whether the similarities and differences of each object outweigh each other. If this is the case, always start by including it in the compare and contrast essay introduction to notify the reader before reading the essay.

Choosing a Good Topic

The right topic is what will make your essay stand out. The best compare and contrast topics should allow you to find information much quicker. You can start by brainstorming or check the trending topics in the newspapers or news. Some best essay topics to use are:

  • Compare and contrast Greek vs. Roman Mythology.
  • Differences in Veganism vs. Vegetarianism dieting styles
  • Being self-employed vs. being a freelancer
  • Breastfeeding vs. infant formula: which is the best for mothers and babies

Transitional Words to Use

The usage of transitional words in this kind of essay is key to a smooth reading experience. You will need a lot of words to state both the differences and similarities of each object. Usage of the same word usually brings monotony, and your essay ends up being boring. 

There are two kinds of transitional words one is transitions for comparison the other is contrast transitions. For comparisons, they include; similarly, likewise, in the same way, as well as, together with, etc. While the contrast consists of; nonetheless, yet, however, on the contrary, but, though, etc. All these words are supposed to help you as you write your essay.

Finding Essay Writing Services

A compare and contrast essay is quite self-explanatory, but there are challenges involved in writing this paper. The tips above will guide you in formulating an excellent essay. You can also find ‘do my essay’ services online, such as Cheapest Essay, to get assistance.

The service is reliable, and you do not need to spend long nights trying to formulate the paper. The same guide discussed above will be used to create your essay. If you find yourself failing this kind of piece most of the time, using writing services will boost your grades.

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