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How to Put a Quote in an Essay to Make it Interesting

Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Do you find it tough to incorporate quotations in your writing? Don’t worry, as you are at the right place. 

Using quotes in an essay is an exquisite way to back up your thoughts and ideas with fact-based and relevant evidence. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your essay is free from plagiarism to make it unique. Thus, you must know how to use a quote in an essay to avoid any discrepancies.

No matter which writing style you are using in your essay, you need to give proper citation when including something said by a third person. Just remember that when you put a quote in an essay to prove your fact and do not give the source credit, your content will be considered a duplicate. Though this might get overlooked as a minute error in grade school, such won’t be the case in college or higher studies. 

This content piece will help you understand how to use a quote in an essay. But before moving ahead and knowing in detail about starting an article with a quote, let’s first understand what quotes mean.

What is a Quote?

In simpler terms, a quote is a sentence taken from some other reliable source. Using quotes in an essay helps you showcase your topic’s expertise and give relevant proof for your arguments. The cited passages do not come under plagiarism as it sits between quotation marks (” “), thus, giving credit to the original author of the text. 

Using quotes in an essay helps your reader better understand your analysis. Also, knowing how to put a quote in an essay in the right way gives clarity to the argument by letting your readers understand the concept with examples. 

Importance of Using Quotes in an Essay

Using quotes in your essays helps you showcase:

  • The trustworthiness of your argument.
  • The strong point of your writing abilities.
  • Your expertise in the topic.

How to put a quote in an essay majorly depends on 3 factors:

  • What you wish to quote
  • How much you prefer to quote
  • How will the selected quotation fit in your content?

Now let’s discuss them in detail.

What you wish to Quote

Quotes are added in the essay to develop your ideas about the topic further. The selected cite should be such that it adds some value to your content. Thus, it is vital to choose the quote wisely so that it relates substantially to your ideas. But, selecting the quote largely depends on which aspect of the content you are talking over. For instance:

  • The narration of any character.
  • The narration of any event.
  • The narration of any symbol.

However, it is vital to note that you should not use the quote in your essay just because you want to quote. If you randomly add quotes in your article, it may feel like sentence fillers. To make your paper look impressive, adding any section will only damage your contention. Similarly, an essay without a quote will not help you get good marks. So, be extremely careful while selecting a quote.

How much you wish to quote

A quotation should not form the base of your content. They act as a support system for your thoughts and arguments. Thus, you must be wise enough to know how much to quote. Excess usage of quotes in an essay will not support your ideas and work. Also, memorize the fact that you are working on the paper, and thus it should comprise your ideologies and expertise.

Now that you know what quotes are and how to put a quote in an essay let’s deep dive and understand how to use quotes at the start, middle, and end of your paper.

Starting an Essay with a Quote

It is essential to write a magnificent introduction to grab the reader’s attention when working on an essay. Though there are various ways to write an introductory paragraph, there are times when starting an essay with a quote gives you an add-on advantage. Looking for the best quote and analyzing it to include in your content is the best method to get your content off the ground. However, avoid using overused quotes unless it’s entirely related to the topic, as no one would prefer reading the same statement repeatedly. Including alluring quotes at the beginning of your essay helps you gain your readers’ attention right from the start and keeps them engaged.

However, people believe that starting an essay with a quote stops you from expressing your thoughts on the topic. As per their opinion, it is preferable to use quotes in the essay’s body and conclusion.

It is a well-known fact that you cannot use multiple quotes in an essay as the essay will lose its originality. And even the instructor will not approve such papers and request revisions. Thus, we do not suggest using quotes initially and leaving them for the main body and conclusion.

Including Quotes in the Middle of an Essay

Your essay’s body is where you can include relevant quotes depending on the length of your content. First, you discuss your point of view about the subject and then use the quote as a fact to back up your ideas. And finally, you move to the next paragraph of the essay, i.e., conclusion.

Ending an Essay with a Quote

As conclusion gives the overall view of your paper, it’s essential to write it in a way that leaves a long-lasting impact on the readers. Here, using a quote can turn things in your favor. It not only provides a full closure to your essay but also reinforces your view. Also, ending an essay with a quote is the ultimate way to prove your ideas and thoughts.

Excellent Tips on How to Use a Quote in an Essay

  1. Choose a quote that supports your argument.
  2. Integrate the quote flawlessly in the middle of the content, just like you would do paraphrasing.
  3. To avoid plagiarism, ensure to cite the quote appropriately.
  4. Search for quotes from relevant academic sources.
  5. Shortlist an ample number of quotes and then decide which goes along the best with your essay.
  6. Keep an eye on the punctuation while using quotes in an essay.
  7. Prefer not to cite any fact from Wikipedia.
  8. Ensure that your sentence does not get convoluted while quoting. It should make sense even after using quotes.

ConclusionA quotation is an ultimate instrument that increases your essay’s value to a great extent if used properly. We hope that you know how to put quotes in an essay and stand out from the crowd by now. However, if you face difficulty or have a shortage of time, it’s always advisable to take professional’s assistance. At Cheapest Essay, you get the benefit of placing your essay order without paying any amount in advance. Every write my essay order is processed immediately once the request is received. Rest assured to get the top-quality work within your timeline. Whether you want us to write a new essay, rewrite the existing draft, or put a quote in an article, we have covered you.

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