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How to Spot and Combat Fake Reviews?

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Before we start, let us ask you a question:

Would you avail of a product or service if it does not come with several good reviews?

Your answer, predictably a “yes,” is what motivates many companies to generate fake reviews.

But, any ingenious idea does not come with a negative side effect.

One of the major reasons why many people have become pessimistic about online transactions is fake reviews. We can act smart and say, “It’s easy to navigate through reviews and spot a fake!”. But, in reality, spotting fake reviews is not as simple as it seems. This is why many fall victim to scams that not only lead to theft, identity theft, and even life-jeopardizing situations.

This is what has driven our team to write this article: To help you and your friends to identify and combat fake reviews.

Guard your hard-earned money and brand name–read on.

Knowing the Enemy

It is all over the books and movies: Know your enemy first before you can defeat them. Study what makes them tick, what crushes them, and when they can come back again.

Just the same, we have to know the ins and outs of a fake review. 

Fake reviews can come in different forms:

  1. Reviews written through fake accounts
  2. Reviews are written by real people but are false claims
  3. Reviews that promote a competitor

Reviews written through fake accounts

Reviews are written by real people but are false claims

Reviews that promote a competitor

The Real Thing

Before you get on the no-man’s-land to combat fake reviews, we first want you to understand and know what real reviews look like. If you are not careful, you will miss them. 

Real Reviews are moderate.

Real Reviews are layman.

Real Reviews are from real people.

It is also a red flag if they had been reviewing lots of companies at random in just a small amount of time.

Real Reviews are not blunt.

Real Reviews sound real.

Always remember that the more complex people try, the faker they seem!

But is it illegal?

Fake reviews, just by the name, are infuriating. If you have been a victim of one, it is hard to deal with because your name, brand, and money were put on the line. It was a huge betrayal. It is cheating, to put it bluntly.

But why aren’t there any popular cases about fake reviews being put out to justice?

Here is what had to say about this instance:

Providing customers with incentives to write reviews of your business can also have repercussions. According to the “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), reviews are considered endorsements. 

If there is a form of incentive or compensation or close relationship between an individual giving an endorsement and a company receiving it, this should be made explicit. The FTC also considers it illegal to incentivize reviews even if there’s no requirement that the review be positive. According to the guides:

Advertisers (companies) and endorsers (customers who provide endorsements) may be liable for false or unsubstantiated claims made in an endorsement or failure to disclose material connections between the advertiser and endorsers.

The takeaway from this is that paid reviews are alright, as long as it was stated to the public.

The Danger of Fake Reviews

False claims are dangerous alone. But, can it cause enough harm to escalate up to a court?

Here are the worst-case scenarios if you have been victimized by fake reviews:

  1. Customers’ expectations are not met.
  1. You may get suspended.
  1. You will get sued or fined.
  1. People will remember you.

5. Defeating the Monster

Amazon, to name a few, recently had a massive fake review problem. It may not go into mayhem if more people know how to identify and combat fake reviews. Therefore, we present effective attacks to defeat fake reviews.

(You’ve come this far. We saved the best for last.)

6. Shield of Strength

Companies should introduce a verification process before accepting anyone to write a review regardless of their authenticity. Engage with suspicious reviews and ask for authentication in the comments, where it is seen by the public.

7. Flag of Truth

8. Justice Call

Fake reviews, both positive and negative, are truly one of the most cunning monsters in the already-scarring world of business. The common public should always keep an eye out for the subtle signs and footprints.

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