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50 Trending Health Topics to Consider in Your Next Essay

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Selecting one topic to write about among hundreds of issues is not an easy task. It would be best if you went through them one by one to ensure that you understand the topics and have enough information to use. Health topics can vary from childcare, healthy lifestyles, mental care, medicine, etc. It is wise to find a narrow topic with plenty of resources to make your research much more effortless.

Alternatively, find topics you are interested in and ask for help from people in the field. Before you begin, ensure you have enough supporting facts, especially if it compares and contrasts health papers. Keep reading to gain insight on the interesting topics you can write about. 

Top Health Related Topics for College Students

There are many areas to choose from when you think about health. They range from controversial health topics to Mental health topics. It is up to you to decide from which category you are going to pick a topic. Here are some of the hot topics to use, plus examples.

1. Mental Disorder

This is a common problem that thousands of people face today. Mental disorder is among the many mental related topics you can consider choosing. Writing about this topic is a good idea as there is plenty of information to write about. Give examples of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, and mental retardation.

Remind them it is a condition that affects one’s thinking, behavior, feeling, and mood. Also, provide solutions to such problems if there are any plus how one can deal with people living with mental disorders. You can as well find other interesting health topics concerning mental health to write about. 

2. Obesity

This health topic deals with excessive body fat that causes other health risks. It is among great topics to write about since it deals with various facts. You can write about what causes obesity, how to overcome obesity, what to eat to avoid obesity and the kind of exercises you can do if you are suffering from obesity.

Obesity is a medical topic. Therefore, inform your readers of the kind of issues they will experience if they suffer from obesity. Talk about heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancers that might occur. 

3. Diseases

The world has faced various diseases that have potentially killed millions of people. Choosing health topics from this area would be a great idea as you will be educating the public on how to prevent it, the risk factors, and the symptoms involved. Include what one can do in case they notice some symptoms. Cancer is an example of medical topics that fall under diseases. There are plenty of things to discuss. You can also formulate controversial topics related to diseases.

4. Vaccines

This is yet another topic that you can talk about comfortably. There are several vaccines to touch on, the ones administered from early childhood, including the upcoming ones. It is among the many interesting topics that people always want to read about and learn more about it. 

5. Scientific Innovations about Health

There are many controversial topics that you can write about concerning scientific innovations. Health practitioners are always in the move of finding solutions to various diseases. There are plenty of medicines that are coming up. Therefore, this would be among the best topics to write about.

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Other Great Health Topics.

Apart from the health topics mentioned above, there are others to think about. Here are some of the best that you can use.

1. Health Care topic

  • Challenges of E-health Technology
  • Achieving health equity
  • Health care tips to prevent drop out
  • Preventive measures of heat-related deaths
  • How to prevent chronic diseases
  • What are healthy Housing standards?
  • Can seniors still take vaccines?
  • What can be done to reduce suicide rates?
  • Can human rights impact public health?
  • The risk that might be involved with untested medicines and vaccines
  • Can racism affect the well-being of a Nation?
  • What can be done to promote safe early childhood development?

2. Mental Health Topics

  • Drug abuse and mental disorder
  • Environmental factors on mental health
  • Cure for teen depression
  • Can isolation and depression cause mental disorders?
  • Mental gains and exercise
  • Mental health issues of homeless people
  • Stress and mental disorder
  • Various mental health issues in the world today
  • How exercise can improve mood
  • How to work with patients suffering from mental disorders
  • How to improve your mental health
  • Economic burden of mental disorder

3. Controversial Topics

  • Relation of sugary drinks and cancer
  • Can traditional medicines be a better alternative to pharmaceuticals?
  • Is nuclear waste a health hazard?
  • Are human beings dependant on antibiotics?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of medical marijuana
  • Consequences of taking too much caffeine
  • Can food habits cause kids autism?
  • Are all sports healthy?
  • Between Low-fat and Low-carbs, which one is better?
  • Discuss the preventive measures of infectious diseases
  • Are doctors always accountable for disease outbreaks
  • Can religion cause mental disorder

4. Other Interesting topics

  • Is there a cure for HIV and AIDS?
  • Is there a difference between western medicine and other medicines?
  • What causes eating disorders?
  • What is the future of organ transplants?
  • Explain the use of stem cells for cancer treatment
  • Social issues and ethics associated with cosmetic surgery
  • Is obesity a social issue?
  • Fast food and obesity; how are they related?
  • Can exercises help the old improve strength?
  • Provide the best strategies for heart diseases prevention
  • Are there any limitations to clinical trials?
  • What is the lifespan of human beings?

Are you Still Wondering the Best Topic to choose?

Above are some of the health essay topics to write about. There are plenty of medical topics that you can select as well as mental related topics that you can discuss. The idea is to find solutions to various health problems and advise people on what to do if they have worries about their health conditions.

If you are wondering which health topics to write about and best suit your discussion, get help from write my essay – services such as Cheapest Essay to know the way forward.

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