Five Basic Steps To Make An Impressive Powerpoint Presentation

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Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

“It’s Time to Make a Great PowerPoint Presentation”

Creating a meaningful learning experience for everyone was never an easy task to teachers. Even experienced ones struggle in making the whole class engaged in a particular lesson. How much more if the task of discussing a certain topic was given to students? Unless everyone in the class is a good speaker then there might be a chance for a lively and interesting discussion. However, there are some students who fear talking in front of a crowd although it’s pretty much normal to experience “stage fright” but what’s important is we should be able to handle it well and compose ourselves discreetly.

We should take pride to ourselves when we’re able to deliver an interesting and lively class discussion aided with a powerpoint presentation which makes everyone willing to participate in a healthy conversation which resulted to attaining the intended learning objectives.

When you are to present a topic, you have to bear in mind that it is not only your topic that matters, you also need to consider your would-be audience so you would know how it would be in their shoes while listening to you as you deliver your presentation. You wouldn’t want to bore them with a lifeless slideshows don’t you?

Powerpoint slideshow are supposed to serve as an aid for a better presentation but they can also ruin it specially if it’s not done properly.

Here are five tips to help you ace your next presentation. These tips are proven helpful but always remember that it is you who will be delivering it so just adapt those tips that are applicable in your situation.

  1. Prepare Your Script Beforehand.

It is important that you are knowledgeable enough about your topic so you can do well during the presentation. The basic rule here is that you cannot give what you do not have. How can you deliver a topic that well if you in the first place doesn’t know anything about it? A written script can help you pull through a better presentation. Basically it is your guide all throughout your presentation. While your PowerPoint slides help you to visually project what your trying to explain to your audience, your script will serve as an aid for you to get constantly reminded of what you should be discussing from each slide. Your script bear more text than your slides and you may also put some lengthy explanation there that you cannot put in your slides.

A good script follows a good storytelling flows, it should have an introduction, a body and of course a closure which is mostly a brief conclusion of what the presentation all about then followed by a Q&A portion or you can have it the other way around, the Q&A first then the conclusion follow afterwards. Remember to make your audience crave for more, don’t give them all at once. This way, they’ll appreciate more the discussion.

  1. Control The Flow of Information

It is first and foremost your role as the presenter to be able to control the flow of information. Your audience will immediately look onto what is displayed in your presentation and instantly read everything on it. It won’t be helpful to display everything at once, especially if you have a number of items that you need to emphasize each one of it. You wouldn’t want to have a presentation wherein your audience is a step ahead of you instead of you leading the discussion, you’re the one being left behind.

In a presentation, it is important that you know the very basic rule of one thing at a time. You should not bombard your audience with too much information at once or else they will not be able to process it all and they will be bored listening to you for they cannot understand you at all.

  1. Avoid Bulk Texts In Your Slides

One of the pitfalls of powerpoint presentation is that slides have too much text on it that it even look like some kind of a stand-alone document putting everything that you want to say in your slides. You’ll bore your audience to death, that’s for sure.

You need to realize that your slides are just the illustrations for your presentation and not the presentation itself. It should only be used to reinforce your real presentation. There are presentation software that enables you to display author’s note on your screen but not on your audience’s screen.

You can use bullets instead and limit your text lines to a minimum of four lines to a maximum of eleven lines per slide.

  1. Make Your Powerpoint Presentation as Simple As Possible.

You might get tempted to use so much animations and effects on your presentation which may annoy your audience rather than entertain them and make them hook in your discussion. It is important to have a simple and clean designs with a meaningful and interesting presentation than a colorful and overly designed powerpoint slides that makes it hard for you to contain your audience attention.

  1. Have A Two-Way Discussion.

Ask questions. This will help you make your audience interested and engaged in your presentation. The best way to arouse interest and spike curiosity among audience is through conversing with them, asking them questions that would somehow give them clue of what you are about to tackle. Asking them questions will enable you to know  how much they knew about the topic which means, you can adjust yourself to their level.

For every presentation it is important that you are as the presenter knows better than your audience or they’ll devour you though not literally but you don’t want to look like a fool in front of your audience don’t you?

There are powerpoint presentation services which can help you create an amazing powerpoint presentation slideshows. It is convenient can save you time as it requires ample amount of time to make a great powerpoint presentation. You can simply order a great powerpoint slides from them. Good luck on your next presentation!

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