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Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Life is so wonderful, if you know how to live.

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Life is indeed a battle of the fittest. It can be full of exciting and challenging adventures and struggles are real. However, it would be better if we recount our past experiences as something to reflect with and not something to be used against us in the present time or in the future to come.

We may encounter tons of failures and make countless mistakes in life but it doesn’t mean that life couldn’t get any better. We should scrutinize our past and learn our lessons from it so we can avoid making the same mistakes. Having a positive outlook in life can greatly help you pull off the best escape route in even the most difficult situation. Remember that even if you think you’re having a very bad day, there are still things that you should be thankful for.

Our everyday life is a battle of survival and we can consider schools and workplaces as another battleground. These are places where we compete for educational excellence or promotions to rank up from your current position. Oftentimes, you’ll be bombarded with tons of activities for the sole purpose of honing your intellect, skills, and talents.

Regardless of race, gender, religion or political views, everyone of us is entitled to pursue their education as it has been made a universal right for every human being to access a quality education.

However, in spite of every state and country’s effort to educate their citizens, many are still unable to enjoy the privilege of going to school and cultivate their minds with all the learning that educational institutions have to offer. The bottom line is, you should be grateful that you are able to attend your classes and get a formal education while others could only wish they are on the same shoes like you.

On the other side, not everyone who were able to go to school can endure up to the finish line. Some dropout of school to prioritize other things, some just couldn’t bear the stress of schooling anymore and a few others just decided that education wasn’t for them. Whatever the reasons are, schooling is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. Yes! There are challenges and struggles but you can always use some help.

Teachers often assigned various activities to their students, each with specific requirements to meet their intended learning objectives. The most common task teachers give to students are writing assignments such as essays, research papers, book summary reports and many more. Students also do powerpoint presentations and on their latter years in college, they are required to write dissertations which is often a prerequisite to graduation.

American psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences taught us that students possess different type of intelligence thus it is understandable that a musically intelligent person can perform marvelously in her music class. She may write song lyrics as if it’s her common language but she may struggle in writing essays and other academic papers when such activity is an easy task for linguistically intelligent person. You see, not all of us can find writing assignments an easy task however, teachers usually give essay and other academic writing assignments to assess their students learning.

Essay writing is one of the most authentic forms of assessment. It allows them to gauge the level of our knowledge pertaining to a certain topic so they too can adjust accordingly so they can cater the needs of the majority of the class. However, most students find writing as daunting and challenging task.

On the brighter side, there are now cheap assignment writing services which are really helpful to students who finds it difficult to accomplish their writing assignments. It’s a more convenient way to get it done. It also buy you some time to focus on other school activities or projects that require your attention.

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