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Do My Assignments For Me: Unwrapping The Truth About Assignments

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Written by Emem Avilla

Professors at state colleges and universities usually incorporate assignments in their teaching process to further reinforce their lessons so students will have more meaningful learning experiences.

Assignments are essential for the intellectual and practical skills development of the students. Assignments can fall under these three categories: preparation, practice and extension. This allows the students to learn beyond the walls of their classrooms which provides them a better avenue to use the different theories and principles that they have learned at school and use them in practical or real-life application.

Furthermore, assignments are not just an effective tool to give students an extension of their academic activities but rather, it also plays a vital role in improving the harmonious relationship among the students and their parents. It encourages collaboration and open communication in between them for the teachers are expecting the parents to help their children in accomplishing their homework or assignments.

In our current educational system where students are expected to achieve the desired outcomes after every lesson, they are no longer allowed to be spoon-fed. Our curriculum nowadays are designed to cater more flexible and independent ways of learning and assignments are one of the best tools used by many to improve the retention of learning among students.

Benefits Derived From Assignments

A comprehensive study on the effects of assignments to the students conducted by Duke University Psychology Professor, Harris Cooper in 2006 state that there is a positive correlation between assignment and the student’s achievement which means students who often accomplish their assignments performed better in school.

Professor Cooper’s analysis focused more on the impacts of assignments to the students’ academic achievement. He also highlighted that other benefits derived from assignments include overall improvement in the student study habits, positive attitude toward schooling, self-discipline, inquisitiveness and independent problem-solving.

The Negative Effects of Assignments to Students

Contrary to the results of the study conducted by Professor Cooper, there are also some studies that show the negative effects of assignments to the students. It shows that assignments can relatively cause physical and emotional fatigue, fuel negative attitudes towards learning and it limits the leisure time of the students.

The issue about delegating assignments to students has been a long-time controversy. In 1900, an article entitled “A National Crime at the Feet of Parents” by Edward Bok was published. Bok blamed assignments for destroying American youth. He believes that further studying at home interferes with the students’ natural inclination towards free physical movement like playing therefore threatening their physical and mental health. Furthermore, he argued that assignments usurped the right of the parents to decide on the activities they want inside their homes.

The controversial issues about assignments has forced various educational institutions all over the world to put restrictions in giving assignments to students. Educational experts are doing substantial efforts to set the best policies to regulate assignments. These policies are expected to address the purposes of assignments; its amount and frequency; school and teacher responsibilities; student’s responsibilities as well as the role of the parents or guardians who will be assisting the students to accomplish their assignments.

Ways to Cope Up With Your Assignments

We all know that assignments can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for both the students and the parents however, there are several ways to cope up with it with ease.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll find it easier to accomplish your assignments:

  1. Gather all your motivation to work on your assignments.
  2. Avoid procrastinating.
  3. Prioritize your assignments based on the level of difficulty and deadlines
  4. Ask your parents, teachers or friends for help if you find it difficult to answer your assignments
  5. Always get adequate sleep
  6. Eat healthy snacks
  7. Avoid any distractions so you can focus on your assignments

How to Handle Too Much Assignment?

If you already tried your best and still find it difficult to accomplish all of your assignments, consider asking your teachers about it. Your teacher may have ways to help you out but if you’re not confident enough to do so, you can resort to professional assignment writing services. Experts assignment writers can provide you online assignment help and write your assignments for you.

There are several legit writing services which offers assignment writing and do my assignments for me services which are really helpful at times when you are struggling to accomplish your various assignments.

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  • Students who fail to write assignments are not lazy. There is much reason why they fail to write one, let’s not criticize them for they are still on process. I know they are still trying, thanks for this article it enables me to see different perspectives, the positive and negative part of assignment writing.

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