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Powerful Tips on Writing Death Penalty Essay

Death Penalty Essay
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Everything You Need to Know About Drafting a Death Penalty Essay 

It’s not uncommon to find people of all races, religions, and backgrounds discussing the death penalty. When dealing with a death penalty essay, the issue at hand won’t require you to look into its morality. Instead, it deals with whether there are crimes whose penalty should be death. 

Considering most students aren’t interested in crafting term papers, this particular topic is likely to prove more challenging. And while it may appear as though there’s new to add to it, you still have to begin by defining yourself and stating your position. 

Traditionally, most essays touching on legalized killing have either been argumentative or persuasive. However, the last few years have also seen a rise in the number of scholars opting to craft opinions and analytical essays. 

What Not to Do When Writing a Death Penalty Paper

As eager as you may be to jump into this subject, the first thing you ought to do is to learn what you shouldn’t do when crafting an argumentative article about legalized killing. Some of the strategies to steer away from include:

  1. Use of Prejudiced Semantic: As things stand, the topic is already emotionally charged, with each person having something to say. When writing the essay, concentrate on your tone instead of writing an angry rant focused on its legalities.
  2. Religion Based Arguments: Don’t focus on religious-based arguments unless your professor precisely requests you to create a death penalty essay from this point of view. Another time to base your arguments on religion is when undertaking a religious course.
  3. Clichés: By now, you already know what a cliché is; as such, if arguing in approval of legalized killing, don’t base your argument on the fact that the crime is worth the penalty. Use statements that will strengthen your opinion, as opposed to weakening it.

Producing an Argumentative Essay About the Death Penalty

Now that you know what not to do when writing an essay on legalized killing, it’s now time to get to the writing. Here, you will need to follow a given structure from start to end. Selecting a topic to write on will come before the structure. 

A typical structure for a death penalty essay, be it persuasive or argumentative, will tend to follow a four or 5-paragraph format:

  1. Introduction: The paragraph you use to introduce the essay, regardless of whether it’s in support of it or against it, need to be short and concise. Start by giving statistics from well-defined sources and any other useful facts you may have come across.

  2. Thesis: Often, your first thought is to go for an argumentative essay on its legality. But if the professor has provided you with some leeway, you can try to go with something more original. Try to think outside the box when deciding on what to write about.

  3. Body: This is where you will put down all the information you have identified during your research. Ensure you write all the crucial points in support or against the judicial murder here. Use a single passage to talk about one point.

  4.  Conclusion: Use the last paragraph to give your summary of the death penalty paper. The section needs to be concise and informative. Find an innovative way to restate your thesis and point out some of the crucial points you have discussed in your essay. 

Death Penalty Paper Research Ideas 

  1. Legalized killing: Demolish or Establish
  2. Varied Cases of the Judicial Murder Around the World
  3. What Wrongdoings Fall Under Legalized killing?
  4. Problems Associated with the Legalized Killing System
  5. Psychological Context: Families of People Who Have Been Executed
  6. Legalized killing in Iran
  7. How Effective is Legalized killing as a Crime Deterrent? 
  8. The Judicial murder from a Religious Point of View
  9. The Judicial murder in Saudi Arabia
  10. Legalized killing Should Be Abolished

Argumentative Essay Topics on the Death Penalty 

  1. Legalized killing Can Be Applied Dishonestly or Abused, Making It a Danger to Society. 
  2. Legalized killing Can Act as a Deterrent Preventing Serious Crimes like Murder.
  3. The Judicial murder, ‘An Eye for an Eye,’ is an Ideal Response to Murder.
  4. Are There Countries that Have Abolished Legalized killing?
  5. Life Sentence or the Judicial murder?
  6. How Justified Is It to Take Another Person’s Life?
  7. The Judicial Murder Deprives an Offender a Chance at Rehabilitation and Redemption
  8. The Act of Forgiveness—Does It Apply to Serial Killers?
  9. Legalized killing: Is It Constitutional? Is It Moral?
  10. Can Legalized Killing Be Viewed as an Act of Revenge as Opposed to Punishment?
  11. What Kind of Effect Does the Judicial Murder Have on Crime Statistics?
  12. Appeals Process in Judicial Murder Cases
  13. Which Methods Are Used During Execution?
  14. Judicial murder and Sharia Law
  15. Legalized killing is Wrong.
  16. Lethal Injection is a Humane and Painless Method of Execution
  17. Legalized killing is Cost Efficient Compared to Life Sentences.
  18. Does the Judicial Murder Make Society to Become More Peaceful?
  19. God Will Forgive—The Global Religious Attitude Toward the Judicial murder
  20. Legalized killing as an Intimidation Tactic in Developing Countries

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