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How to do Academic Referencing on your Assignment Properly

academic referencing
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Citing and referencing an assignment is necessary when writing essays in high school, colleges, and universities. Every lecturer will want to mark a referenced and well-cited work. Also, the process has a significant amount of marks.

At the same time, a student can score unsatisfactory marks as a result of poor referencing. Correct referencing is essential to avoid plagiarism, which is a severe offense in academic writing. If found with this offense, it can lead to a 0% score in your exam.

Definition of Referencing

It is the task carried during assignment writing, where the writer acknowledges the efforts and contribution of authors who wrote the work used in generating ideas for essay writing. It is through this process where writers get to support the ideas and arguments written in their work.

For many students, providing a reference for their assignment is an easy task; however, it is difficult for others. So, before you start writing a project that requires academic referencing, it is crucial to research how to reference it.

There are multiple ways to reference your work; they include Vancouver, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. Harvard style is the most popular style used worldwide. Although an institution or a lecturer may specify which type they want their students to use. So, always check with your institution or lecturer before choosing a type of reference.

Why is Academic Referencing Important?

Reference is an essential aspect of report writing. Researchers need to reference their work because:

  • It is a show of proof that one conducted research on the work
  • Enables the reader to confirm the trueness of the information
  • Get away from punishment related to plagiarism
  • Provide validity of the work by knowing the date of the information
  • It gives the original owner of ideas credit for their work

When Is One Penalized Due To Plagiarism?

Plagiarism comes in various forms. The following are actions that make one accused of plagiarism:

  • Presenting another authors idea directly or indirectly without acknowledgment of any form
  • Direct copy and paste of text from another source without stating the source
  • Failure  to indicate a quote
  • Developing a summary from another source without acknowledging
  • Altering a few words from the source without citing

How to Reference

The organization of references in a report or case story is vital. When at the writing stages, ensure that you keep recording books, journals, articles, and other information sources as you use them. It will help one keep track of all information and the sources. Correct referencing styles will require one to have the following information:

  1. Name of Author

When writing the name, start with the surname followed by initials of the other names. In case there are more than two authors, one can list all the surnames together with initials or use the term ‘et al.’ after the first name. When you choose the last option, one will list the names when writing the bibliography.   

 If the author poses as an organization, list the organization as the author of the publication.

  1. Publication Date

It is the year of publication of the book or article. Suppose there is the provision of a more specified date list. For online pages, the date of posting will act as the date of publication. Insert ‘(no date)’ if it is not clear about the date.

  1. Title of the Work

The title is the main heading of the whole write-up, webpage, book, or journal. For information derived from conferences or speeches, the name of the event acts as the title. The title must be in italics. When writing book titles, it is essential to include the number of editions and the page number more specific.

  1. Name of Publisher and Place Of Publication

The name of the publisher applies only to books. Include the names and the city of publication.

  1. Page Number

The page number is applicable when referencing books. Although not necessary, it is better to include it to make the reader find the information quicker. Use ‘p’ when referring to one page and ‘pp’ when referring to a range of pages. 

  1. Website Link and the Access Date

This information is mainly from data derived from WebPages. It is essential to include the date since updating of WebPages is frequent. The reader must know the particular date of accessing the page to identify if the information is authentic.

The link provides easy access for the reader to access the page. All one needs to do is to click, and it will direct them to that particular page. The bibliography at the end of the report must include all the above information. 

What Determines The Reference Style To Use?

There are several factors that one can consider before settling on a reference style. There are several types of techniques: APA style, Chicago, MLA style, and many others. All these styles are acceptable in the academic referencing field. The only rule about them is one cannot use two different referencing styles in the same report for consistency purposes. 

The following factors determine the choice of referencing one can use in a report

  1. Preference of the Course Tutor

The course tutor may give instructions on which style to use. One must use what the supervisor needs to get full marks in the research work course.

  1. School’s Recommended Style

Some colleges also stipulate the type of style each student should use in writing. It is vital to follow the guidelines of the school or department. In case one wants to use a different one, consult with your lecturer or the department to get clearance.

  1. Own Understanding

If no restrictions for one to use specific styles, one can choose a type that feels comfortable and easy to use. Everyone understands differently. Pick the kind you find easy to use and use it appropriately. 

 Need help Referencing a Report?

It is not possible to complete a research paper without giving references. So, referencing is an essential step in any academic writing. It is not an easy task because one requires researching and reading widely to understand where to reference and provide references.

It will require the writer to concentrate and spend quality time researching thoroughly. This time is not usually available for students due to the many tasks in their school life. So, they may want to get help in academic referencing.

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