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A High-Guarded Secret: CV Writing

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A High-Guarded Secret

You just finished college or middle school…or you are just getting back on track after some needed breaks, and you now want a job. You need a job! 

So, you go to an interview you saw from an app–or maybe a newspaper or magazine column. You feel confident because you are very well qualified for the position. Looking your best, you smile at the poker-faced HR personnel. You started introducing yourself when the HR shushed you. They hold out their hand and say, “CV, please.”.

With which, unfortunately, you do not have handy at the moment. You did not get the job.

Sad, but no worries! Let us let you in some high-guarded secret: where to find the best CV Writing Services of 2019!

Importance of Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You may be wondering why a CV is important; we already have the concept of resumes! But, a Curriculum Vitae offers far more information about the applicant than a regular resume can. A Curriculum Vitae usually includes:

  • Contact Information
  • Research Objective, Professional Profile, or Personal Statement
  • Education
  • Professional Academic Appointments
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications
  • Other Publications
  • Awards and Honors
  • Grants and Fellowships
  • Conferences
  • Teaching Experience
  • Research Experience / Lab Experience / Graduate Fieldwork
  • Non-Academic Activities
  • Languages and Skills
  • Memberships
  • References

So, it is a well-detailed “course of life” paper. Curriculum Vitae tells your employer all the relevant things you accomplished as you flow in your career stream. Not only in job applications, but a professional Curriculum Vitae is also used in academic jobs, grants, research fellowships, etc. Unlike a resume, it is well-rounded and multi-purpose (you can likely use your CV while on a date!).

Also, a Curriculum Vitae does not include bullet points nor numberings–just plain text with various sections (see list above). You can compose 3 pages or even up to 10 pages per Curriculum Vitae. It all sounds boring, but trust us when we say a professional Curriculum Vitae can and will determine your career!

The Best Curriculum Vitae Writing Services 2019

But, because we understand that the concept of writing a Curriculum Vitae is a bit…rattling, we listed down the best cv writing services of this year to help you!

1. Cheapest Essay

Cheapest Essay is an online writing service providing Personalized English Writing Suggestions. You can use this service as a means to improve your writing skills. Cheapest Essay is a global business that helps clients with any type of writing. The company was started in 2014 as So far, they have 342 writers of which 163 are active. They value their clients and their services are customer-centred. Cheapest Essay is registered with Liability Company that serves the entire world. They have more than 7,000 clients worldwide. Cheapest Essay’s pillar that propels their services are integrity, ethics and professionalism.

cheapest Essay
essay writing

2. Top Resume

Jeff founded TopResume in 2014, and since then, our team has been dedicated to providing job seekers with quality career resources and resume-writing at an affordable price. Now, professionals like you have a place to take their career stories and create their brands, starting with a great resume.

top resumes

3. ResumeCV Writer

Their reputable resume writing is the trusted provider of content based solutions for job applicants around the world. They have been doing business with the promise of providing top quality, original resume writing aimed at helping you to get the dream job. They are based out of Pittsburgh, PA and have a staff of hundreds of resume writers from all around the world who help them process our resume writing orders.


4. The CV Store

Having started trading online in 2001, The CV Store has grown year-on-year, building lasting relationships with individuals, corporate clients and recruitment companies throughout the world. Main objective was then, and still is today, to provide industry leading CVs and cover letters, coupled with an extensive library of articles to help you create and / or improve your own CV.

CV store

5. Bayt

Founded in 2000, has become one of the most trusted and respected brands in the maintains an ongoing, dedicated customer support staff that is able to work directly with our customers to ensure their goals are achieved most efficiently and cost-effectively, it is also evidenced by’s leading track record of continued success serving the region’s job seekers and employers in finding top jobs and top talent respectively.

resume writers

So, that is a wrap!

There are far more professional CV writing services out there (remember how vast the Web is?). But, what we listed here for you are the CV writing companies which brought quality and efficiency the most.

We hope that in the next (or is it the first?) time you will present yourself for an application, you are provided with the best Curriculum Vitae you can have!

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