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Top Tips for Writing Case Study Story

Case study writing tips
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Business solicitation is an essential aspect of enabling any enterprise to make a profit. With a well-written case study, business marketing is easy and effective. It includes proper analysis of client testimonials and the analysis of practical usage of products sold.

Coming up with a properly written paper requires you to understand a business as a whole. Do investigations concerning the problem it is experiencing.  Provide things to do to solve the problems and the most effective ones. Lastly, provide real pieces of evidence of the case.

It seeks to analyze problems in a real-life situation where experienced problems require solutions. Their lecturers mostly require university students to complete assignments in such areas. 

Many students tend to face various problems because they do not understand what makes a good case study. However, it is easy to write a good paper with proper guidelines. That is why, in this article, we have compiled the nine tips on writing a case study that tells an engaging story.

Tips on How to Make a Good Case Study

  1. Introduce Using a Quote to Capture the Prospects Interest

It is vital to start your case story using a catchy statement to capture the reader’s attention. The message can act as a headline to your article or the first sentence on the piece. The introductory line should take note of the reader’s problem and how to solve it.

You can also use a picture to capture the attention of your client. The photo should be eye-catching and related to your content. A proper introduction of the article helps it become more straightforward, understandable, and faster to identify with it. 

  1. Communicate With the Client

Not all prospects love to find themselves in a case story. Some would love to be part of your story, and it gives them a strong motivation. Do not include your client without prior communication, as this may land you in many problems. Seek authority from them since some have strong company policies against taking part in such scenarios. 

Some may demand special treatment due to the exposure given. It will provide vital information about past conditions. It helps build credibility, and it is indispensable to seek the client’s approval due to legal and ethical reasons. 

  1. Avoid Using Technical Terms

Using jargon in a write-up makes it more complicated to read and understand. It may make the readers get bored while trying to find the meaning of the words. Try to use simpler terms that are understandable by all types of readers regardless of age and origin. 

The simple language also makes it easy for one to skim through the work fast and get a rough idea before reading the entire content. Use short and grammatically correct sentences. Use bullet points when outlining statements, and your titles should be descriptive. This criterion makes it easy for readers to comprehend and love the work.

  1. Turn the Work into a Story

Stories have an introductory part, the body, which is the main content, and the conclusion summarises the whole piece. Right information must also create tension and suspense to make it enjoyable. Turning the themed paper into a story helps increase the reader’s interest. 

Explain the challenges faced by most clients and reasons to seek services from the company. Create an image that shows how to go about solving these challenges. Display the results of the actions in the paper to prove that promises are deliverable. 

  1. Use Keywords in Headings, Sub-Headings, and Within the Content

Identify the main keywords to include in the write-up. Ensure that they appear on the title, body, and in the work summary. Many people search for content on the internet using keywords. Doing a keyword analysis is vital since it helps search engines find the Case story fast. It also gives the themed paper a high SEO ranking.

Avoid keyword clouds in work. Spread them evenly on the piece, and each keyword used two to three times. It makes the job easy to read and understand. Most essential keywords have the name of the client firm and the type of services provided.

  1. Use High Definition Pictures

Infographics can help increase the reader’s ability to understand and digest the content of the work. Sometimes the case study story may involve hard data, and some people may find it unfriendly to read. Images make it easy for your clients to get a clear picture of the discussion.

Using images in the write-ups is a new norm, and most professionals have not yet captured this idea when writing. Therefore, it is vital to include it in the study to give your work a high-quality rank and most preferred.

  1. Include Videos in the Work

Videos help explain the content in detail in a more understandable way since people love watching videos before reading the whole work. It helps get a general idea of the essay and what to expect while reading. 

Ensure that the videos are short, specific, and detailed. Avoid lengthy videos since viewers may get bored while watching and suddenly lose interest in the paper. Videos should be in the form of interviews and where proponents explain their experience with your company.

  1. Develop a Template for the Theme Paper

Developing a guide for the paper can be challenging. However, it is essential since it helps one edit and writes the projects quickly in the future. If the report will appear on a website, ensure you update it regularly with new content after some months. 

  1. Make Use of Numerical Figures in the Paper

Numbers are a better form of communicating with prospects as compared to words. Numbers show the magnitude of the experienced challenges. They are the statistics of the procedure used and better show the results obtained.

Figures help readers take note of trends over time and clearly understand the previous situation compared to the current. 

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