7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Thousands if not millions of students around the world struggle in writing their academic assignments. Many have tried to further develop their academic writing skills by taking online writing tutorials.
However, academic writing is not an easy task to be taken lightly. Writing assignments are unavoidable—whether we like it or not, we have no choice but to do it. It’s one of the factors that determine your grade. Some students try their best to write their assignments on time while others choose to find academic writing help to find a more convenient and easy way to accomplish it.
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Issues with Academic Writing

Every year—on clockwork—students are required to undergo the grueling task of churning out one academic writing assignment after another. These assignments typically come with strict and highly-demanding requirements/instructions. Some of the main challenges or complexities faced by students with regards to academic writing include:

  • Strict deadlines: You are often required to deliver your work in a specific delivery timeline, which means you are required to hone your time management skills.


  • Writing skills: For an academic writing assignment to be engaging and intriguing enough to impress your teacher, it requires a lot of attention and top-notch writing skills. You must learn how to weave your words into a coherent document with little-to-no spelling/grammatical errors.


  • Research complexities:  Spending countless hours of analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting research findings is a daunting task, even for professionals.


  • Structure and flow: Each writing assignment demands a certain structure and format. For this reason, coming up with a fluidly-structured essay or research paper calls for an in-depth understanding of all the applicable writing styles.


In other words, academic writing requires students to give maximum effort—but at times the best effort is not enough to guarantee you best marks. Your teacher typically goes through your work grade your paper in accordance with his/her scoring rubric. To avoid getting lower grades: here are some quick ways to improve your academic writing skills.


7 ways to quickly improve your academic writing skills


1  Have a study area

One of the most overlooked factors that may contribute to your academic writing challenges is attempting to work in a very noisy area where you can get easily distracted. Writing in the living room while everyone is conversing or watching the television is not really a very good idea. Such an environment is bound to make you lose focus on your writing activity—and consequently leaving you with a messed-up paper. Instead, find a perfect spot in your home—one that offers the peace and tranquility that you need to focus on your academic writing. A place away from all the noises and disturbances.

2  Know your writing purpose

In an academic writing assignment, you will need to learn how to express yourself on paper. But before your pen touches the paper or your fingers touch the keyboard, you must first establish the motive of why you are writing your essay or assignment. The best way to go about this step is by doing a pre-writing section before the actual writing. This includes anything from reading your topic header, understanding the requirements of the assignment, researching the topic adequately, to outlining your work. A pre-writing section will help you know and understand your writing purpose better and thus contribute towards a high-quality assignment.

3  Learn the common errors in writing


Errors relating to grammar, punctuation, and style, are amongst the top mistakes that students knowingly and unknowingly commit. These errors—in as much as they may seem insignificant—can cause real damage to your final grade. This is one of the things you should focus on improving because they will devalue your work if left unchecked. Learn different forms and ways of punctuating your work—and for grammar errors, run a grammatical check app to identify any mistakes. If you are not a native English speaker and writing work that is free of errors is a challenge, why not hire an academic writing service?

4.  Learn to analyze and understand arguments and evidence

The evidence or literature review is a section in your essay that is geared towards proving and strengthening your argument. If it is against your thesis statement, then you run the risk of losing your audience and failing to meet the assignment’s requirements. When including evidence, you will need to be thorough, critical, and use the right citation style But you cannot achieve this before you go through your topic and understand your argument. So, take as much time as possible to understand your argument and write evidence that supports it.

5.  Conclusion

Did you know that a good essay with a good introduction and body but a poor conclusion can still land you in the low-grade sector? Well, believe it or not, most people pay more attention to the conclusion that the rest of the piece. Take your time to come up with a conclusion that helps summarize every part of your arguments and supports your thesis. Your conclusion must include an outline of evidence, a summary of the main points, provocative questions, among others. Remember, do not include additional ideas in your conclusion.

6.  Do a lot of practice

Practice makes perfect! This saying has so much truth in it, especially when it comes to academic writing. When you attempt your first writing project, your work may be bad. But as you continue writing more and more, you are bound to improve. Ensure you make a conscious effort to gain exposure such as reading other materials to give you an idea about how to go about academic writing. Simply put, focus on reading a lot and devote around 30-40 minutes a day to practice. This may be slow, but with time it will yield some good results.

7.  Hire an editor or academic writing service

This is the shortest and easiest way to quickly improve your academic writing skills. Editors or professional academic writers are professionals that major in offering academic writing help by leveraging their enviable academic writing skills. They guarantee top-quality and plagiarism free work at a student-friendly price. One such academic writing service that has earned a reputation for their value for money is Cheapest Essay

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For a student, managing all the pressure that comes with assignments can be hectic. Even worse, attending too many classes and still heading to work, can be detrimental to academic success. The demanding nature and hassle of writing essays or any other academic assignment can easily overwhelm students—turning them into quitters.
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