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7 Ways to Improve Personal Development During College

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Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Pursuing Personal Development as You Study

For a college student, self-improvement and personal development go beyond helping them to live fulfilled and whole lives upon graduation. When pursued correctly, it can also assist in setting them apart from their peers.

The reality is that most students want to start working as soon as they have completed their studies. However, there’s a need for the students to approach their time in school as more than attaining a diploma or getting an excellent final grade.

Students should spend their time in college to discover new things, and also improve themselves. Students that manage to make self-improvement a priority have a better chance of landing a job in their chosen fields. They also get to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Some of the tips that can help with personal development during college years include:

  1. Learn to Overcome Your Fears

Your ability to progress and grow emotionally and physically is dependent on your abilities to overcome fear. Take a look at some of the things you are afraid of, and then improve in these areas.

For example, if public speaking has always bothered you, use the time in college to join a group or class that helps people like you hone their public speaking skills. If your main issue is how to overcome risks, then concentrate on locating a mentor who can help you boost your confidence levels.

Personal development involves learning and growing in areas that initially posed an issue for you. You must be willing to try out new things or things you aren’t comfortable handling for you to grow.

2. Get Up and Get Going

Once you know what your major fears are, it will now be time for you to get up and deal with these issues. The only way to develop is to be willing to do something related to self-growth and personal development.

But then again, you will need to exercise patience. Self-development doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time for you to achieve some change in your life, hence the need to get started today.

Realize that self-growth and personal development are but the starting point of your life’s journey, not necessarily the destination. The point is for you to continue building on everything you learn or do today, tomorrow, and in the coming days.

3. Declutter Your Surroundings

It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to the Marie Kondo decluttering approach or not; the truth is that a clean living and learning environment can significantly enhance your personal life. An orderly environment:

  1. It will help you to get rid of any stress feelings you may be feeling
  2. It makes it easier for you to operate in a more efficient manner
  3. It will enable you to create a feeling of contentment and ease in your student life
  4. It assists you to carry out your daily tasks in a more efficient manner, as you have a clue on where to find everything you need to study

Getting rid of clutter has also proven to be physically healthier as it eliminates the dust particles that may have started to collect on the items you rarely use. Decluttering can also make you feel contented, especially when you become proud of your surroundings.

4. Maintain a Daily Journal

A majority of those who have achieved great things after their time in college are achievers. It’s a lesson derived from some of the greatest people in history. You only need to look at people who have attained their dreams in their areas of studies to establish they were all prolific writers.

Journaling, as a process, provides the student with a chance to eliminate the thoughts crisscrossing through their minds. Once the mind is emptied of all these, the writer gets a better opportunity to understand what’s happening around them.

As you journal, you can use this time to begin developing self-awareness. In return, this will help to make your character more flexible and also enhance your self-confidence. By writing in the journal each day, your focus is directed to the things you have accomplished that day.

5. Eliminate Unnatural Sugar from Your Life

While this may sound crude, a time will come when you will start to notice the benefits of eliminating all unnatural sugar. Personal development will come about when you finally put that sports drink, that Snickers bar, and that soda down.

Replace them with something sugar-free and naturally healthy. Sugar harms your mental well-being and causes issues to your gut. Additionally, cutting down on your sugar intake will help you avoid that midday crash, making it easier to concentrate in the late afternoon.

Make the first step to replace the sugary foods with something healthier, such as fruit. Although the initial days will prove challenging, you will eventually make it. It shouldn’t take more than a few weeks for you to begin feeling like a whole new person.

6. Redo the Bedroom to Help You Get Better Sleep at Night

Many college students will agree that it can become hard for them to enjoy a good night’s sleep every day, especially when they are stressed or busy with their studies. It’s something you are likely to experience regardless of the kind of bedtime routine you follow.

However, you can make your nights easier by redoing the bedroom. It allows you to create a space that always makes you feel good at night. And the good thing is that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make some changes to your sleeping quarters.

7. Constantly Ask for Feedback

Feedback can come from your professors, family members, colleagues, or buy essay professionals. Approach any of them and ask them to offer their opinion on something you accomplished recently or on a project you just completed.

The thing with feedback is that you must accept both constructive criticism and positive comments. For criticism, focus on ways where you can continue improving. On some occasions, the only way to obtain a different perspective is to get an external opinion that isn’t biased.

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