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College Writing Myths and Facts you Need to Know

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Writing assignments are the most prevailing tasks that every college student and other higher learning institutions pass through often. So, it is crucial as a learner to know everything that entails writing and how to produce high-quality write-ups.

Completing an assignment is crucial for meeting the submission deadline and achieving good grades that allow for transitions, most importantly, graduation. So, you need to be aware of things such as writing myths and the truth behind them. They can hinder you from achieving this goal if you do not know how to counter them.

Table of Contents

  1. It is a Challenge
  2. Writing Myths and Facts
  • Only Impressive Topics Can Allow One To Write A Good Article
  • When Doing Academic Writing, One Has No Room For Creativity
  • Short Sentences Mean A Lack of Ideas
  • It Is Illegal to Use Passive Voice When Writing
  • The Thesis Statement Should Not Be More Than One Sentence
  • One Should Follow a Linear Process When Writing
  • Find Out Everything Before You Start Writing

2. Ask Professionals

It is a Challenge

Entering college presents a persona new environment, new rules, and a completely new life. Curiosity to know how and why things follow a certain formality can help students solve writing tasks puzzles. It is through such a desire to see that one can reveal the truth behind every misconception.

A new student gets a lot of advice jumbled, and it is hard to decipher the truth from them if the person is not curious enough. In-depth research is a requirement to help one unfold the light from this mythological advice.

Among all these misconceptions, however, are other practical practices that they hide. So, the text’s objective below is to help you know the common writing myths and unveil the truth.

Writing Myths and Facts

Below are some top writing myths and realities behind them;

  1. Only Impressive Topics Can Allow One To Write A Good Article

The beauty of the topic does not affect the quality of the essay. Most people believe that having an impressive headline can lead to writing quality work. Remember. Whatever is written is your original work and should reflect one’s line of thought. 

One needs not write about something huge or a life-changing experience. One can make a monumental write-up out of a straightforward heading. 

  1. When Doing Academic Writing, One Has No Room For Creativity

It is true that academic writing solely depends on research findings and literature review. For this reason, you cannot write it in a narrative form. On the other hand, it does not mean that it should lack creativity. It is easy to install some sense of creativity in the write-up.

One can insert creativeness by use of research questions and coming up with ideal ways of data presentation. In short, the analysis process is a good way of increasing the creativity of the academic write-up. 

  1. Short Sentences Mean A Lack of Ideas

Most writers believe that they should use long, complex sentences to show readers how much they know. The fact is short sentences are far, much better than long sentences. Long sentences reduce the quality due to grammatical errors. It increases the difficulty of reading and understanding the work and makes it monotonous.

Writers should concentrate on enhancing the scope and depth of the general write-up. One can mix both long and short sentences. But, it is advisable to have shorter statements than long ones. 

  1. It Is Illegal to Use Passive Voice When Writing

Most experts advise writers against the use of the passive voice when writing. Some lecturers also warn their students against the use of the passive voice when doing assignments. Most of them argue that passive voice makes the whole work sound informal hence losing their hard-earned marks. 

All the above might be accurate, but there is no grammatical error behind that. In some instances, writers find themselves in situations where they cannot avoid passive voice. Sometimes, one needs to emphasize the action rather than on the subject. In other instances, the subject might be irrelevant and should not appear on the statement. 

  1. The Thesis Statement Should Not Be More Than One Sentence

Most learners are made to believe that their thesis statement should be in one sentence. It is entirely a wrong idea. The truth behind it is that the statement must be specific and concise. Being specific or concise does not mean that one should translate it into one sentence. 

This writing myth has made students try to fix so much information to fit in one sentence making it challenging to understand. Depending on the thesis’s nature, some will need two or more statements to bring out the meaning. Simpler write-ups may have a one-sentence thesis statement that is easier to comprehend. 

  1. One Should Follow a Linear Process When Writing

It is one of the most common myths that misguide most learners in higher institutions and also professional writers. Their fact is that there is no strict format for one to follow to complete a successful writing task. Most professors have come up with graphs to show each writing stage, but this process has proved to be wrong. 

Most students get stuck at the early stages of their writing while trying to follow the required steps. The actual writing procedure must include jumping between different sections of a write-up. 

  1. Find Out Everything Before You Start Writing

Prior research is vital before one commences writing a report. The analysis is essential to give you an idea of what the report must entail. However, whatever one writes is not the final. As one writes, there is discovery and exploration of new ideas as the content becomes larger. 

Nothing stops one from including these discoveries in the write-up. Sometimes, one may be forced to get rid of something they thought of earlier and introduce a new statement. Do not stick on something by forcing it to work.  It gives the work a natural flow and makes it sound more original.

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Ask Professionals

Being aware of the existing misconceptions does not guarantee one on passing assignments. Knowledge of different other things contributes to the overall grade of a text. It may take a while before you know how to complete an essay worth good grades.

Yes, it is easy writing a college essay, but it can be quite hard without the needed knowledge. Get professional help by ordering essays from well-qualified academic writers online.

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