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Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills as a Dyslexic Student.

Written by Kunal Vaghasiya


Dyslexia is a language-based disability caused by a problem in decoding words and letters. Although there is no cure for this condition, Students with Dyslexia can successfully learn to read and write. Still, they have strengths in other areas such as math, music, art, problem-solving, and fields that require visual/spatial ability, e.g., design. If you are a student with this condition, do not worry because this article will guide you on how to improve your writing skills.

Tips to a Dyslexic Student Improve Writing Skills

Use Imagery When Learning

Using pictures can help you describe what you are writing about. Studies have shown that Students with Dyslexia are marginally faster at distinguishing and remembering whether they have seen a picture before.

At first, you may not be so good at it, but you will realize that images help you learn fast with constant practice. Always remember that you rely more on visual thinking strategies than on word-based thinking. Graphics will help you to visually brainstorm, organize, and connect ideas before writing. 

Please encourage yourself to write about the details of what you see in the images. It will give you room for thinking outside the box. It will also improve your visual literacy skills, contributing to your overall critical thinking skills and lifelong learning.

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Use Grammar Checkers

At times it might be challenging to identify some spellings of words you write. As a student, remember you are not alone in this. There are tools to help you check for the correct grammar. Although not all spell checkers can correct some words’ spellings, there are specific tools that can help you.

To help yourself produce legible and high-quality written text, the tool you’re using must address grammar mistakes like punctuations and spelling errors. The grammar tool checking your work must also be intelligent enough so that even though a sentence is completely jumbled, it will still offer a good suggestion for grammar corrections.

Use a simple Tape Recorder. 

A recording app or a speech-to-text app will help you to say your thoughts out loud without the burden of remembering grammar rules and spellings. It should help you improve the necessary skills, such as reading, writing, thinking, speaking, and listening effectively.

The tape recorder, as a teaching aid in various subjects, is advantageous. For example, after listening to the tape recorder, you can ask yourself some questions then demonstrate each answer by writing about what was in the tape recorder. It allows you to improve your writing skills and listening skills.

Use Consistent Vocabulary

When writing down a paper, do not use different words to explain one thing, always use one vocabulary. Using different terms will confuse you. For example, header and headline is just the same thing.

Ask for assistance when you don’t understand the vocabulary. It will be easy for you to understand what the entire text means. Each time you introduce a new word in your writing, understand what it means, and use it consistently throughout the paper. Also, look for definitions that are easy to understand and also give yourself a chance to use the words in a real-world context. Ensure it’s meaningful and relevant to your life.

Use Color and 3D in Writing Exercise.

The use of color is another way to overcome Students with Dyslexia in writing. Use a different color for letters and shapes because this will keep you engaged. Apart from that, when you keep changing every letter or word’s color, it increases your excitement, and you gain the interest to keep learning.

Adjust your study room to many different colors and pin colorful 3D pictures on the wall to keep you active. Do not use dull colors but keep in mind that the colors you use in your room will create different moods. For example, orange improves alertness. 

Room decoration impacts significantly on your attitude and even the way you retain information since different areas of the brain come into play when recognizing shapes and colours. Also, train yourself to read the pictures and transform them into words.

Ask for Feedback

Always ask for feedback on the work you’ve done. Review the rules of writing with your teacher. Don’t just look at the mistakes and move on because you will not learn anything. During my research on how to improve my writing skills, I realized that punctuation is critical in writing, as it can completely alter the text.

When it comes to dyslexia and writing skills, punctuation is one of the main problems. To help yourself, write your first draft without the concern for punctuation and grammar. Focus on content alone, and after the draft is complete, you could either use a grammar checker or a tutor to make the necessary changes.

An extensive review with your tutor is the only way you will understand the importance of proper punctuation. Try to learn one or two rules at a time and also practice them over and over again.

Expect Inconsistency

Expect inconsistency when it comes to dyslexia and writing skills. You may seem to improve at one time, then the next time, you might find everything confusing. Do not push yourself too hard but try to remember information through diagrams, games, and songs.

Give yourself time to think of the answers and organize your thoughts before writing anything to avoid confusion during the process.  Lastly, stay in a quiet place when writing so that you can only engage your mind.


You can always improve Students with Dyslexia and writing skills through constant practice and coping strategies. You can perfect your reading, listening, and writing skills for as long as you engage yourself in the learning activity. It is possible because the condition does not affect your intelligence and ability to learn. Improving your skills will also help you on how to overcome dyslexia in writing. Be patient, and don’t feel discouraged because things like spelling and punctuations require more time. Besides, paper writing service will help you complete your assignments if you get stuck anywhere.

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