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7 Essential Tips to Beat Academic Stress

academic stress
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Academic work makes lots of learners experience a lot of stress. Stress is not healthy for them and can have a tremendous effect on well-being, happiness, and student performance. 

Research done by the American psychological association found that 30% of youths have the same stress level as adults. The young generation faces a significant academic stress level and cannot cope with the situation.

Stress can have a significant toll on the daily lifestyle. It affects the sleep patterns and food intake for most students. In the long run, it affects the general welfare of the learners. 

What Causes Academic Stress? 

Learners face high competition when taking on school exams. At the same time, they have to think about how their future will be and negotiate through social life. School dropout cases due to mental issues caused by a high level of stress are due to a lack of proper academic stress management in schools.

Some of the leading causes of stress in learners include;

  • How to handle relationship issues
  • Meeting deadlines for assignments
  • Graduation 
  • Performing in extracurricular activities
  • Trying to cope up with social expectations

The article below outlines some of the mechanisms learners can adopt to deal with academic stress.

Guidelines on How to Deal With Academic Stress

1. Stay Focused On What You Can Control

Personal happiness and satisfaction are essential. Most people believe that they should focus on making others happy before making themselves. When growing, most people know that minding about how they feel is a form of selfishness. 

If you do not take good care of yourself, taking care of others will be almost impossible. It is because you only have the power over yourself and not others. One can only control their own choices, feelings, and behavior. Remember, whatever the choices people make is what defines them. Even if you disagree with them, it remains their right to make those choices.

  1. Learn and Practice New Skills

Learning a new skill is achievable only through practice. There are a lot of activities learners can involve themselves with to reduce academic stress. Sometimes academic tasks can be overwhelming. Engaging in these activities helps carry away the load from strict academic targets. 

Learners can practice new skills in various aspects. One can set some little time every day to engage in sporting activities such as basketball, handball, or even swimming. Those not interested in physical activity exercises can practice table games such as chess. One can also try learning to lay various musical instruments such as piano or the guitar. 

The more you engage in such activities, the more the mind keeps engaging; hence, stressful thoughts fade away. It improves one’s mental health. It helps one become more time conscious and improve study skills.

  1. Engage In Healthy Practices

Taking good care of one’s health is essential. Due to busy academic schedules, most students fail to have time to live a healthy life. Frequently eating junk food for dinner daily reduces the required level of nutrients in the body, making it weak and malnourished. Lack of proper sleep reduces concentration levels in the class.

Learners should learn to practice healthy lifestyles. Sleep for at least seven hours during the night. Eat a balanced meal three times a day and small snacks in between meals. Drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. This practice helps improve concentration levels and reduce stress levels.

  1. Learn to Forgive 

Holding grudges against fellow learners can affect your academic performance. Learn to forgive those who cross your path and always ask for forgiveness from colleagues you treated severely. 

On the other hand, learn to forgive yourself for mistakes committed against oneself. Forgive yourself for any wrong decisions you take and do not live with the guilt since it will increase academic stress. Maintaining peace in mind is vital for academic excellence. 

  1. Practice Monologue

Inner talking to oneself displays how one feels about themselves. Suppose you choose to belittle yourself; that is how you will think of yourself. Learn how to self motivate oneself. Always beat yourself up that you can do it every time you face challenging times ahead.

Choose to disregard any negative feelings coming along due to academic stress. It will help you in personal improvement. Learn to be gentle with yourself.

  1. Make Use of the College Counselling Department

Most higher learning institutions have well-set guidance and counseling departments. Students must use these departments when they feel stressed about issues affecting their social life and stress. The staff in this department have received the required training on proper academic stress management.

Some schools have well set up peer groups where students share their experience while at the university. Students can open up freely to their peers facing the same challenges. While discussing, they develop different coping mechanisms and assist each other in getting through challenging moments.

No matter how difficult you might feel, feel free to walk into this college section, and open up your heart. You will receive all the assistance you need. Remember, a problem shared is a problem half solved. 

  1. Come Up With a Workout Plan

Exercise helps to keep the body fit. It also helps improve mental strength. Setting at least half an hour each day to engage in physical activities can maintain body fitness. One can pay for a gym if you can afford it, but you can still do simple exercises on your own. 

Exercising every morning helps you start the day fresh. It also boosts your immunity and reduces anxiety. It helps reduce academic stress and improve learning excellence. 

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