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50 Cause and Effect Essay Topics to Get Better Grades

Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

What’s the first thing you do when a professor asks you to craft an essay? In this case, what you ought to do is to settle on a set of cause and effect essay topics. It’s impossible to start composing a term without a clue on what you intend to tackle in it. 

The only way to give the instructor a good read is to ensure that you select the subject matter wisely. As you start looking at possible topics to tackle, you will have with you a few techniques to consider. The standard methods relied upon include:

  • Opting to neither focus on topics that are either too narrow or too broad
  • Setting aside a few minutes to brainstorm as you quickly jot down possible ideas
  • Ensuring the subjects you want to write on is relevant to your course material
  • Selecting something you love or are passionate about. Confirm the topics are of interest to readers
  • Making sure there are a clear cause and effect relation between the topics identified and which you would have an interest in writing about. 

Taking into account that not all learners are conversant with the process of selecting a topic, this article contains a series of exciting cause and effect topics that may prove helpful. Take your time to check all the fifty subjects listed herein to determine if they interest you or not. 

Top Cause and Effect Essay Topics College

  1. Has homeschooling proven to be more effective as compared to attending charter schools?
  2. Social media effects on relationships
  3. Can cell phones impact the relationships of their users?
  4. Is it possible to better understand complicated subjects using technology?
  5. Effects of smartphones and tablets on kids
  6. What causes one to use a tablet as opposed to a computer when surfing the web
  7. Effects of using mobile phones in institutes and classrooms
  8. Effects of retirement age on the baby boomer generation
  9. What effects does standardized testing have on student’s ability to make decisions related to pursuing higher education?
  10. Does online shopping have any effects, and if so, does it cause them to shop more?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics On Mental Health

  1. What’s the leading reason why society identifies autism as a mental disorder?
  2. Why are college students experiencing greater anxiety levels?
  3. Does remote work have any impact on mental health?
  4. Why do so many comedians end up feeling depressed?
  5. What leads to someone becoming depressed?
  6. Why does virtual testing contribute to (reduced/enhanced) stress when taking an exam?
  7. How does contact with animals help individuals suffering from mental illness?
  8. Does the microbiome cause depression or changes to human mental health?
  9. Does wearing a mask all day have an impact on mental health?
  10. What leads to autism spectrum disorders?

Environment Cause and Effect Topics

  1. Climate Change Causes: Long-term cycles, pollution, human causes
  2. Blast fishing and how it impacts marine ecosystems
  3. Mental pollution contributes to societal degeneration
  4. Effects of Climate Change: rising tides, more prevalent severe weather
  5. Effects of CO2 emissions on the global ecosystem
  6. Shifting fauna and flora to varied places can contribute to the eradication of certain species
  7. Effects of drinking contaminated water
  8. Causes and effects of melting glaciers
  9. Water vapor contributes to the greenhouse effect
  10. Effects of industrial pollution

Health-Related Cause and Effect Essay Topics College 

  1. Obesity can cause joint-related problems
  2. Emotional issues lead to lowered immunity
  3. Marriage and other positive life changes can also cause stress
  4. Increased marketing of fast food items increases obesity among kids
  5. Taking too much junk food can influence the consumers’ energy levels
  6. A lack of moral support causes bulimia and anorexia
  7. The media has created unrealistic beauty standards that have led to eating disorders
  8. Emotional eating can cause poor digestion
  9. The presence of ozone in the air worsens conditions like chronic bronchitis and asthma
  10. What effects will the increased obesity cases have on the existing healthcare system?

Other Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. What causes homelessness in the community?
  2. Does having a good sense of humor lead to better relations?
  3. Why do individuals working in fast food joints suffer from low morale?
  4. What’s the leading reason most students end up switching their majors?
  5. What are the effects of not getting sufficient sleep?
  6. Gender inequality and its impact on society
  7. How do video games affect young children?
  8. Causes and effects of dropping out of college
  9. Why are so many kids running away from their homes?
  10. Cramming doesn’t lead to better grades

How to Best Use the Cause and Effect Essay Ideas 

Now that you have an idea of some of the topics you can tackle in different categories, you will need to learn how to use these ideas when writing your paper. You can do this by:

  1. Placing the question before the topic sentence or using it as your primary title
  2. Rewording the question to ensure it will fit in the assignment at hand
  3. Using the answer to the question identified as the thesis statement
  4. Ensuring you will remain organized by using the question for the topic idea

Hiring a Cause and Effect Writer 

While choosing a topic to tackle is stressful on its own, most students will also have a problem writing the essay. If you feel that you aren’t capable of writing a winning essay on your own, you have the option of hiring a professional essay writer. 

There are numerous writing platforms, all having great writers who can help you with this problem. Our writers seek to offer real help for all your ‘write my essay‘ requests that could be bothering you.

Your chosen writer will brainstorm with you on topic ideas they think are great for your course. They will then embark on the process of writing a professional essay without overcharging you. The writer will remain in constant communication to update you on their progress.

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