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Argumentative Research Topics for students

argumentative research topics
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Argumentative research topics call for the students to choose a subject and then make their position known. Taking a position means that one will need to use detailed data and well-researched facts on the topic.

However, for many students, the most challenging part comes in the form of selecting argumentative topics that they can write about with ease. The good news is that there’s a wide variety of topics to tackle, so long as one is willing to do a little research on the same.

Selecting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Now that you know the significance of choosing the correct topic, how will you tackle the issue? The only way to ensure that you will get top marks is to choose something unique to you.

As such, this means that you can’t write about the same thing that others are tackling. Try to find a debatable subject, which will interest you and the person reading the research. The criteria for selecting argumentative research essay topics include:

  • It’s possible to generate an arguable thesis from your statement
  • Any topic selected must be attractive to the person who will write the paper
  • An ideal subject is one that touches on a controversial matter
  • Ensure you have enough information to start with, as this will simplify the entire process

Knowing what to look for in a topic, it’s time to consider potential argumentative research paper topics for students. For any student who may be struggling with finding issues to tackle, the list below should prove to be an interesting and exciting read. 

Argumentative Research Essay Topics: Science 

  1. Should world governments become involved in helping to address climate change?
  2. Should fracking be legalized?
  3. Should students have to be vaccinated before they can attend a public learning institution?
  4. Should parents be allowed to modify unborn kids?
  5. Do GMOs help or harm people?

Technology Related Argumentative Research Topics

As you will see, as this list progresses, argumentative topics cover a broad range of subjects. Technology is a subject that has proven to be highly popular with students. What makes it relevant is that it’s something that students use daily. Sample topics include:

  1. Paper books vs. EBooks—Which ones should learners continue to use?
  2. Has technology led to the creation of an idle society? 
  3. What has made smartphones a necessity for our everyday lives?
  4. Why are web-based forums filled with argumentative research topics and toxic behavior?
  5. Is it true that social media is now too prominent in society?
  6. Have smartphones and tablets replaced the need for students to use computers?
  7. Has technology led to a breakdown of physical communication and language?
  8. Will digital currencies impact the way society transacts its business?
  9. What can parents do to police how their kids use the internet effectively?
  10. Has artificial intelligence crossed morality boundaries?

Sports Argumentative Research Paper Topics 

  1. Does the media look upon female athletes as sexual objects?
  2. Is cheerleading a sport?
  3. Can video gamers be seen as real athletes?
  4. Sports events shouldn’t be allowed to broadcast tobacco and alcohol ads
  5. Is it possible to keep kids out of trouble by allowing them to take part in sporting events?
  6. Should sports betting be made illegal?
  7. Should girls be allowed to take part in the same sports as boys?
  8. Student-athletes should be paid for playing
  9. Baseball has lost its allure
  10. Should professional athletes be allowed to take alternatives to steroids?

Argumentative Research Essay Topics for Culture/Sports

  1. Should internet sharing of music and art be allowed?
  2. Is graffiti vandalism or art?
  3. Is art education as important as other forms of knowledge?
  4. Should books that have offensive words be banned?
  5. Should YouTube better regulate content on its platform?

Immigration Argumentative Research Topics 

  1. What impact does port security have where illegal immigration is concerned?
  2. Does immigration have any impact on work and employment opportunities?
  3. Should European Union countries readily accept African immigrants regardless of the impact they have on the local economies?
  4. What kind of impact does immigration have on the local education systems?
  5. What challenges does illegal immigration have on the security and economy of a country?
  6. Should countries be allowed to place a cap on immigration?
  7. Does having a strict immigration policy benefit a country?
  8. What kind of expenses and strain does immigration pose to a country?
  9. What are the health screening processes that ought to be in place during immigration?
  10. Are immigration laws beneficial to their host countries?

Other Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas 

  1. Race is a serious US issue that is yet to go away
  2. Is the death penalty effective, or should it be scrapped off?
  3. Are humans the reason for global climate change?
  4. Stricter laws should be passed to help in dealing with animal cruelty
  5. Are diaries still famous?
  6. Chocolate can help to boost mood levels and prevent depression
  7. Innovation has contributed to laziness in society
  8. Are non-alcoholic drinks as dangerous as alcoholic ones?
  9. How efficient is the death penalty as a deterrence?
  10. Are teachers and schools responsible for the low-test scores attained by their students?

You have to have good arguments to assist you in proving any hypothesis you would like to advance. Your point of view will continue to remain correct until you find someone who can provide you with facts to show that you are wrong. All your facts will also have to be presented in a convincing format. 

As you are working on research papers online, you will need to find proofs and facts that can assist in supporting the position you have already taken. Start by selecting a topic for your argumentative essay from any of those listed above. 

The next step will involve defining the position you would like to take and research papers online for facts that will support the argument. Traditionally, the best topics are those related to religion and global politics. But economics, medicine, and science are also acceptable.

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