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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline That Works

Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Academic article writing is a prevalent task for students in high schools and other higher levels of learning. Professors and lecturers prefer assigning these tests to their students since they tend to gauge learners’ abilities in different dimensions. So, essays are part and parcel of any student’s life.

It is mandatory to know how to go about developing a paper for academic purposes. Whichever type it is, the basics of writing are almost the same. If it is your first time writing such a paper, you may be wondering where to start. However, it is simple. The most important thing to master to write excellent assignments is the paper format.

Knowing how to write a 5 paragraph essay outline will help because the same rules apply in every paper writing task that comes your way. An assignment format is crucial in helping you organize your ideas properly. It ensures you consider everything a paper requires before and during the actual writing.

Other Guidelines

Cheapest Essay has multiple 5 paragraph essay outline examples in their pages that one may want to check for more detailed knowledge. Apart from mastering the format, it is also crucial to identify how to put down the information in an essay’s central part. Every first paragraph should represent a new finding mostly, a topic idea.

Presenting a new title and idea in every paragraph provides a readable 5 paragraph essay format that is easy to comprehend and follow. Readers will easily follow the flow of the work and find it easy to understand.

It isn’t easy to come up with a good grade deserving paper the first time. It is the reason why Cheapest Essay provides a 5 paragraph essay template to help students and writers out. One can consider visiting the page today and check the examples for yourself. Also, below is a guide on how to write such an essay outline.

Guiding Steps to Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

Select a Suitable Title of the Essay

The title represents the theme of the entire paper. It guides the writers on what to talk about and guides readers on what to expect from the article. In most cases, the lecturers decide on what the students will write on, and in some cases, the students are free to choose a topic they love. The students will either write a narrative essay, argumentative, or comparative essay, depending on what assignment requires. 

When choosing the title, ensure that it is researchable and timely. It means that one can get relevant information on it and, at the same time, complete the work entirely within the stipulated timeframe. Make it specific and narrow it down to achieve the main objectives of the essay. 

Draft a Bold Introductory Section

For a 5 paragraph essay outline, the beginning section should introduce the whole article. Therefore, one needs to create a special section by providing detailed knowledge about a specific aspect. The introduction must have a general overview of the writeup and indicate the thesis statement. It should be catchy and understandable to enable readers to enjoy the article. 

To make it appealing to the readers, explain scenarios using statistics from different similar researches done in the past. One can also outline examples of a specific situation for the readers to get a clear picture.

Develop the Body Section

For a 5 paragraph essay outline, the body section must include at most three paragraphs. Each section represents a single scenario. It would be best to create a topic for each segment. List the details needed to appear in each section together with the order of presentation.

Every beginning line in each segment represents the claim, followed by 3-4 lines trying to prove it. The last line in each section should sum up the whole subsection in the body. 

Provide Readers a Firm Conclusion

The conclusion’s main aim is to give the readers a point to note and think about it. After reading the essay, readers should spend at most three days trying to contemplate the article. A call to action is the preferable way to give a point to note. It gives the readers the next move to take after reading the article. 

Provide References at the End of the Essay Outline

To get data to put in the article, one must conduct thorough research. Remember always to note down the sources of information used during the study. Ensure that the references contain the title, the author’s name, publication date, and the city of publication. This information guides the readers on where to refer when reading the text.

References also are a clear indication that a student conducted the research. Failure to acknowledge the sources can lead to penalization due to plagiarism. Plagiarism can negatively affect the marks of the student hence affecting the general performance. When drafting the outline, it is vital to list all the references as you access them for easy remembrance.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

Example of  a 5 paragraph essay format

  1. Introduction
    • Hook or opening statement
    • Overview of the topic-includes information surrounding the title
    • Things to expect in the writeup
    • Thesis statement
  2. Main body
    • Claim
    • Pieces of evidence including statistics
    • Concluding line
  3. The final statement
    • Acceptance or rejection of the problem statement
    • Summary of major points
    • Concluding general phrase
    • A strong call to action
  4. References
    • Under the references, follow the format given by the lecturer. Remember to include the title, author, year of publication, and the city.

Doing it Right

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