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COVID-19: 5 Best Tips On How to Spend Your Time During Quarantine

Are you constantly wondering what to do to combat boredom during the quarantine? We have listed here the five best tips on how to spend your time during this pandemic crisis that is happening all over the world.  

For your own good and safety, it is a must that you stay at home, exercise social distancing and follow strict hygiene protocol as mandated by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Latest updates on COVID-19 worldwide

We are all caught by surprise by this pandemic plague and at times like this when information is easily disseminated through the internet and other media sources, it is very important that we carefully discern information that we read or heard regarding our current situation. With that being said, it is safer to always check the credibility of the source of the information to avoid fake news.

It is important that you get news and updates from the current situation regarding Covid-19 from a credible and reputable source only. Thus if you need to get updated with the recent facts and situations all around the world regarding this pandemic disease, you can read more here.

What to do best with your time during the quarantine period?

We are definitely caught off guard with the unanticipated rapid spreading of Covid-19 affecting almost every country all over the world. Leaders of every nation were left with no choice but to opt  for drastic precautionary measures to combat this highly contagious respiratory-destructing virus.

In just a matter of weeks, Covid has already affected millions of people around the globe. Many have been afflicted by the virus and unfortunately, the number of death tolls increases by the hundreds if not thousands worldwide every hour that passes by.   Elders and the young ones were identified as the most vulnerable age bracket with lesser chances to survive when infected by the virus. See the latest worldwide update here regarding Covid-19. 

Due to this pandemic disease, nations were on lockdowns, travels have been banned, commerce has been badly hampered and the world economy is now facing a huge backlash.

On the brighter side, it strengthens the faith and brings out humanity in us. During this perilous time, it is a must that we support our government’s effort to combat this virus.

We are naturally resilient which is why I personally believe that we can overcome this pandemic disease, however, we must first ensure that we stop the spreading of the virus before we can contain those who were infected and treat them until they recover.

Unfortunately, Millennials and Gen Z are quite not fond of being stuck in one place especially if it was done very abruptly which is why we’ve listed here the top 5 best tips on how to spend your time during quarantine.

When you’re feeling bored, these are definitely the five best things you can do to make your time productive during quarantine:

1.Develop oneself

You literally have all the time now to do what your heart desires — of course except for those activities that will hamper our government efforts to combat Covid-19 and protect its citizens at all cost. 

There are so many ways to further develop oneself. You can try yoga exercises to maintain balance and health in your physical, mental and emotional aspects. You can also try learning stationary activities like playing music instruments, painting or sewing — literally anything that you can productively invest your time with.

2.Earn money

Yes! You read it right. Even with this most unfortunate event in our history, we can still turn the table around in our favor. Although most companies were forced to temporarily close and stop their operations, you can still make some ways to earn money at the comfort of your home. 

If you’re passionate about teaching children, you may want to apply as an ESL teacher. You can also try to work as a freelance virtual assistant which reminds me of a great freelancing platform that you may want to start your freelancing journey with.

3.Learn to cook

Being able to spend more time with your family and loved ones during quarantine, you might want to explore more dishes to cook for them. You can try to learn cooking dishes that you’ve never tried before. You have ample time to prepare a hearty meal for your family so make this quarantine period counts to bring your family even closer together.

4.Entertain yourself

There are so many things that you can do for entertainment. So far, this is the most common thing you can do to combat boredom. You can try watching movies on Netflix or listen to various music tracks on spotify. You can also engage yourself in reading novels or anything that catches your attention. If you’re not into those stuff, you can also try to interact with other people on social media. You can grow your account and be a media influencer.

5.Enroll in online classes

This crisis has already taken a toll on our livelihood and daily living but we cannot let it hamper our ability to learn more and cultivate our knowledge. In this regard, you can enroll in an online course and learn new things while you’re on quarantine. If you need help with writing assignments like essays, research paper, coursework, dissertation and so on, feel free to use the best essay writing service online — Cheapest Essay. You can click here to get a first order discount. Hope this helps. Stay safe everyone!

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