25 Christmas Break Activities for Kids and Teens

25 Christmas break activities for kids and teens
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2021 brought hope when it started.

It is the year when we are all used to the new normal. Used to see familiar faces through screens. Used to the thin sheet covering our smiles.

But, that is gradually changing back to the good old days. This year went by fast but pleasant.

However, school is school: The subjects, projects, and assignments worked the kids’ and teens’ brains to the ground. They need a break. A fulfilling, healing, fun Christmas Break.

Kids and teens definitely look forward to doing fun and worthwhile activities this Christmas break! 

Here are some ideas to make this season merrier:

Create a Non-Tree Christmas Tree

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If you and your family cannot be with a huge tree or a mini Christmas Tree inside the house or are just bored with the old shiny tree, you can still make a non-tree one! Choose a wall or a board where you can stick special photos, notes, or characters arranged like a Christmas tree. It is a fresh, chic, and fun take on the traditional Christmas tree!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt: Candy Cane Edition!

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Get the young people’s energy rising (and low by bedtime) by organizing a Candy Cane Scavenger hunt. This team-played game can teach kids and teens about teamwork, perseverance, and being a good sport. A scavenger hunt can also teach them about strategic thinking and math skills when computing points to determine who won!

Have a Movie Marathon

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Catch up on the cuddles and have a movie marathon with your family. Pick a movie with themes about family, comedy, hope, and maybe some magical fantasy. Or horror, if you are that kind of family. This is also the perfect excuse to eat chips and popcorn!

Read Stories by the Tree

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Choose someone–maybe you–to read a good story out loud for the family. Get everyone seated down by the Christmas tree in a semicircle, then have the reader sit down in front of the tree. With hot cocoa in hand, this is a heartwarming family bonding. “The Fir-Tree”, “The Little Match Girl”, “Nutcracker”, and “The Gift of the Magi” are some of the best reads.

Secret Santa Surprise

Calling all the big families! Having a Secret Santa is a great way to have random surprises on Christmas Eve. It is also more intimate and exciting than bulk gift-giving because you have to figure out what your person would like for Christmas in secret. The best part is, your family can set a price ceiling so no one will have to overspend or underspend.

Try a New Christmas Dessert Recipe

Tired of Christmas pudding and fruit cake? Well, this is your sign to take on a new Christmas dessert recipe! (Do this with your kids and teens to keep them off the gadgets.) Try these awesome sweets: Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake; Stained Glass Cookies; Sour Cream Pound Cake; and Milk and Cookie Shots.

Slumber Party Under the Lights

This is not your typical slumber party. Have your family prepare for the night in front of your Christmas Tree! A wonderful finish for the holidays is to sleep within the warmth of your family’s snores, under the twinkling lights by the mistletoes.

Staycation is on

With the new virus still in the air mind, we may want to slow down on a day trip to Disney World or a trip to another country. Another fun way to relax this Christmas Break with your young ones is in a staycation! Search up beautiful local places to stay where you can dine in class, play in pools and jacuzzis, and sleep in a bed you won’t stress out about cleaning the next day.

Your Family Got Talent!

A perfect time to show your kids and teens that you appreciate their talents and skills–organize a talent show! Encourage the young ones’ creativity, musical passion, gracefulness, and acting talent with this activity. You can also do anything–from singing to dancing in a shark suit! If some of your kids are a little bit shy, you can still count them in by appointing them to the decorations and sounds.

I Spy on the Christmas Tree…

To take your youngsters to play Christmas tree eye spy! You can do this on a long car ride where they will see lots of lighted Christmas trees. Have a contest on who will have the highest number of spied white lights or colored lights. One version of this game is to hang secret decorations on your own tree and have the young lot look for them. A small gift awaits the person with the most items found!

Share the Christmas Joy with the Birds

A charitable idea for outside Christmas decoration: Birdseed ornaments! Not only this ornament is nature-friendly, but also this will feed hungry birds in wintertime.

Have a Virtual Family Time

Make these special moments even more heartwarming by having a video chat with some family members or friends far away. They will appreciate the time you have given. Just make sure to notify them before calling!

More of that S’mores!

S’mores are not reserved for campfires alone. Your family can definitely include this childhood favorite while you and your family are vibing by the fire. Nothing like the smell of roasting marshmallows!

Take a Merry Town Ride

If you and your lot want more than your own Christmas decorations, you can always take them on a joyride to see other families’ version of a happy Christmas! No need to be creepy–just have a silent ride along the roads and enjoy the twinkling Christmas night. 

Create DIY Handprint Salt Dough Ornaments.

Let the kids and teens wreak havoc in your kitchen, and create salt dough handprint Christmas ornaments together. All you need is flour, salt, warm water, and some art tools. Gain precious keepsakes for your kids, plus the values of working together and the basics of baking.

Candy Cane Fun

Your kids are already sugar-high with candy canes but there are still many left? Hit up your search engine for some candy cane science experiments. Can’t pass a day without learning something new! 

Decorate a Mini Christmas Tree

If you are a minimalist family, do not have ample space, or just want to put something cute on the dinner table, try decorating a tabletop tree. Your kids and teens will adore it!

Cookie Swap with Neighbors.

Share your family cookie recipe with your beloved neighbors: Plan a Christmas Cookie Swap with them! A perfect way to show the kids the value of camaraderie and neighborhood love.

Have a DIY Christmas Centerpiece

To add a floral flair and scent to your home, create a Christmas centerpiece. You can change the fresh flowers every week with different color themes. Or, you can just stick to one and get plastic ones. Add some glitter balls and fairy lights to that, and you’re done.

Keep the Gingerbread House Tradition

The holidays don’t hit the same without the annual creation of gingerbread houses. May you not let this tradition die, and pass it onto the next generation. It is fun, creative, and yummy. What is not to love?

Craft Christmas Cards 

Another tradition is to not leave in the old photo albums. Keep your kids and teens busy and teach them the value of thoughtfulness by letting them create their own Christmas cards to give to their loved ones.

Games Under the Tree

After dinner is the perfect time to play countless games by the shiny Christmas tree! Pop-out the board games, card games, and even a Bring Me.  

Organize an Ice Skating Contest Party 

Keep the adrenaline pumping by having an ice skating contest party! You can do this in your local ice skating rink, or just in front of your porch. Serve some hot cocoa and or warm bread while the fun goes on!

Bake Christmas Cookies 

Baking is basic science, which makes it fun and exciting! Bake some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies, or any flavor you like together with your kids and teens. Yum!

Catch Up on School Work

Don’t be afraid to see frowns on your young ones’ faces. Explain to them that for their Christmas holidays to be fully fun and enjoyable, they need to finish up their school work so all their Christmas break days are free. It is also a perfect time to show your kids and teens that you care about their problems at school and that you appreciate them working hard.

2021 is finally nearing its end. Let’s end it with a burst of glitter, cake, and love!

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