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Most Useful Websites for College Students

websites for college students
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

The idea of using online sites to get information for college students has gained popularity in recent times. Websites have made it easier for students to find information about a particular topic. Apart from that, college students can cross-check their work for accuracy and save time. 

Sharing and exchanging knowledge is part of learning, and this has been made possible by websites across the globe. Here are 15 websites that will help you complete your learning process successful as a college student.

Useful Websites for College Students

There are many helpful websites online to help you complete a particular task. It is essential first to understand how they work because not all sites online are legit. Plus, again, not all web pages are meant for scholars. Let’s take a look at the study websites for college students that will help you. 


If you have been looking for writing assistance, this website will help you improve your grammar. It ensures that the texts are clear and easy to read. Although Grammarly does not check for plagiarism 100%, it makes sure that the reader can easily understand your work. Besides, it provides you with suggestions, and then you can choose the best word that will fit in your essay.


Wikipedia is yet another useful educational website for college students. The articles found on the site provide you with an overview of the topic you are searching for. You can then decide whether the information is good enough for your research. Wikipedia has also helped lots of students with their homework, and it is an excellent place to learn about sourcing, footnotes, internet research, etc. 

  1. Google.

As a college student, you must have heard of google scholar. It is one of the best websites for college students used by a lot of scholars worldwide. The site will help you in your term paper as it is best known for searches of scholarly literature and academic resources. It also allows you to get quick citations. For the best results, you must be as specific as possible.


Canva is best for visual learning. It allows you to design and create your learning portfolios to understand the area of study better. The best thing about this website is that anybody can become a designer. The tool helps you incorporate the colors, fonts, and designs you need. It is also most helpful for design students as it helps them take their skills to another level.


Pocket is considered as one of the many educational websites for college students. It will help you save and read website content on your phone or iPad. You can read articles offline and later refer to what you have saved instead of searching for the information again. 


Study Blue is a tool that will help you create flashcards. You can share it with your classmates and even other students around the world. It is a good study material to help you prepare for tests, and you do not have to go through a pile of texts to find the right information.

  1. CopyScape

As a student, you should consider this as one of the best websites for college students. Copyscape is an online plagiarism tool that helps you to check whether similar texts on the web appear in your essay. It is helpful as it prevents you from getting penalties for plagiarism in your schoolwork. 


It is a good website for setting class schedules online. You can find your classmates to launch study groups so you can discuss and get answers to complex questions.

  1. Audible

Audible offers a fantastic way for college students to listen to books. It is an excellent way to continue studying if you are tired of reading a book. It is relaxing, and besides, you could grasp some information you can use in writing your papers.


Just like, Quizlet has a wide range of flashcards that might even be from your current class. It allows you to type specific questions from a textbook, and it may provide you with the answers.

  1. Libgen

Do you ever wonder where you can get free books for your research? Libgen gives you access to free textbooks. They have a huge library of books, and it’s available in PDF downloads. All you have to do is type the name of your favorite book and download it. 


This website gives you access to old exams for your revision. It provides you with a free testband that’s full of past exams from your school. Additionally, you can find grade distribution and course reviews. 

  1. Slader

This website could be yet another homework lifesaver. It has a lot of textbook answers to help you solve your school problems. It gives you steps on how to solve the problem, and besides, it’s not limited to one subject. It has answers to all subjects, from math to chemistry. 

  1. WikiHow

When you are a college student, you will need to do most things yourself, from cooking to cleaning. WikiHow provides you with the necessary guidelines on how to do your daily activities efficiently. 


Mint is a free tool to use. As a college student, you should place this website on your list as it helps you to organize your finances. Besides, it also enables you to track your spending. 


Websites for college students are helpful in several ways. First, they help you find the right resources for your academic work. They also help you improve your grammar and connect with other students globally to share ideas. Most of the websites online are free to use and offer step by step guidelines on how to use them. It gives you an easy time to complete your homework. Apart from that, there are legit sites that offer academic writing services like us that you can use to improve your assignments’ quality.

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