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100 Argumentative Essay Topics for Any Assignment

argumentative essay topic
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Are you aiming to score high marks in your upcoming argumentative essay? This article will give you the 100 most unique and interesting argumentative essay topics for your next essay writing assignment.

What is an argumentative essay?

Unlike any other types of essays, an argumentative essay analyzes two sides of an argument and reaches a conclusion based on its strengths or weaknesses. It aims to convince readers that your viewpoint makes the most sense based on supporting evidence that you presented in the essay.

Regardless of your academic level, a top-notch argumentative essay starts with an appropriate topic – i.e., it forms the foundation of your entire paper. That being said, choosing the wrong argumentative essay topic can either make or break your grades. So, how do you choose an appropriate topic?

Tips in finding the best topics

When it comes to finding the best argumentative essay topics, the sky is literally the limit! However, here are a few tips to guide you to the right path.

Take risks (Controversial topics): Don’t be scared to venture into a risky topic that most people tend to avoid. A great argumentative essay topic sshould be unique, special, and even controversial. However, be calculative of the risk and ensure you have enough information or facts to back up your argument.

Avoid broad topics: A typical argumentative essay consists of 5 paragraphs – introduction (with thesis statement), supporting evidence (2 paragraphs), counter-arguments (1 paragraph), and the conclusion. You must ensure that you cover all your points appropriately within this structure. For this, you must narrow down the topic to a specific issue. It’s hard to provide enough evidence for your arguments when the topic is too broad.

Avoid being biased: Don’t choose a personal or sensitive topic that hinders your ability to argue objectively.

Craft something interesting: The topic should not be dull or boring! The idea should be captivating yet debatable.

100 Examples of Argumentative Essay Topics

Having trouble coming up with a relevant argumentative essay topics? Find essay help online using some of these examples.

Social Issues

1. Is awarding participation trophies a good idea for children?
2. Should the government regulate media coverage?
3. Should racial background influence the diversity of a police department in certain communities?
4. Same-sex marriages should be legalized in all American states.
5. Should guns be legal or illegal?
6. Is communism more beneficial to society than capitalism?
7. Male employees should receive paid paternity leave.
8. Physical appearance should not be a determinant of employment in any industry.
9. The impact of the feminism movement on culture.
10. Are tattoos a sign of social deviation?

11. Is hunting for sport cruel to animals?
12. What are the impacts of globalization on climate change and biodiversity?
13. Should we be worried about global warming?
14. Should plastic bags and containers be banned?
15. What is the impact of human activities on the environment?
16. What is the role of policy in the current level of pollution?
17. Should wild animals be held in captivity for human entertainment?
18. Should any form of littering be a punishable offense?
19. Is hunting good for animal populations and the environment?


20. Online resources and technological devices should replace traditional textbooks.
21. Are racial quotas a fair criterion to determine entrance into a college?
22. The grading system is detrimental to modern education.
23. Are single-sex learning institutions a good idea?
24. Should schools adopt dieting techniques in their system?
25. Sex education should be mandatory in all schools.
26. All students should wear uniforms to school.
27. Should random drug tests be enforced in the school system?
28. Should teachers be blamed for a student’s poor performance?
29. Foreign languages should be mandatory in schools.
30. Should standardized tests determine the academic future of students?
31. Should special needs students be taught separately?
32. Should schools invest heavily in fine arts?
33. Should religious attire and practices be allowed in general schools?

Social Media

34. Social media is eroding the foundation of family relationships.
35. Social media is detrimental to mental health.
36. Social media has destroyed the essence of one-on-one communication.
37. Facebook should not be allowed to save private information.
38. Should social media platforms be regulated by governments?
39. Should Twitter and Facebook filter content?
40. Should companies consider a candidate’s social media profile during the hiring process?
41. Parents should monitor and control their children’s social media usage.
42. Should children be allowed to create private social media accounts?
43. Social media challenges and pranks should be prohibited.


44. Should the use of video games be restricted?
45. Have cellphones improved our way of life?
46. Internet access must be free and unlimited to all users.
47. Technological conveniences contribute to obesity.
48. Romance is dead due to online dating.
49. Technology benefits the education system.
50. Are humans too dependent on technology and computers?
51. Technology makes people lazy.
52. Should governments spend huge sums exploring space?
53. Does technology make us dumber or smarter?


54. Is it right for medical practitioners to deny treatment to a patient who cannot afford the services?
55. Should euthanasia be available to terminally ill patients?
56. Healthcare should be free for all citizens.
57. Lab experiments on live animals should be illegal.
58. Cloning human organs should be allowed.
59. Is a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle good for health?
60. Should cosmetic surgery be discouraged?
61. Will artificial intelligence make doctors obsolete?


62. Should conversation between a psychologist/priest with a patient/parishioner be shared with police during an investigation?
63. Should prostitution be legalized?
64. Should the research community be allowed to conduct lab experiments with human embryos?
65. Is the death penalty necessary?
66. Should the identity of known sex offenders be available to the public?
67. Is wearing leather and fur unethical?
68. It’s unethical to have kids perform house chores.
69. Should teenagers be allowed to get married?
70. Should abortion be illegal or legalized?
71. Is it right to use a gun for self-defense during a home invasion?

Law and Policy

72. How should America address the issue of illegal immigrants?
73. Alcohol and cigarettes should be banned globally.
74. Is the European Union beneficial to its member countries?
75. Should military service be mandatory?
76. Does terrorism influence foreign policy?
77. Should violence in Media be prohibited by law?
78. Should courts make a ruling based on its impact on society or the wording of the law?
79. Does the judicial system have too much power over other branches of government?
80. Should state legislation be able to nullify Federal law?
81. North and South Korea should unify.
82. Should educational certifications determine the eligibility of legislators and politicians?


83. Sporting activities should be mandatory for all students.
84. Should enhancement drugs be legal or illegal in competitive sport?
85. Are free play activities better than scheduled sporting activities?
86. Cheerleading is a sporting activity.
87. Should placing bets on sports be illegal?
88. Are female athletes sexually objectified by the media?
89. Tobacco and alcohol should be banned in sporting events.
90. Girls and boys should be allowed to participate in the same sport.
91. Should eSports players be considered athletes?
92. Do sports keep children out of trouble?
93. Are professional athletes overcompensated?
94. Animal sports are inhumane.
95. Should male and female athletes receive the same benefits and salaries?


96. Are customs unions beneficial?
97. Should countries adopt free-trade or protectionist policies?
98. Do first-world countries interfere with the development of third-world countries?
99. Is the American economy headed towards another recession?
100. Should economic systems adopt socialism or capitalism?

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