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Study Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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Written by Kunal Vaghasiya

Who would not love to use hacks to ease the burden of anything on the process? There are many ways to survive college, and studying can be fun or smart if you know how to make the most out of it. Here are some Study Hacks for College Students you may want to consider while studying.

1.Check your checklist. Of course, create a checklist of activities and plans you are required to do. You can also use the Pomodoro technique on your studying habit. Your study hack should start by crafting the desired list of activities for the entire duration of your studying course. You may also download a mobile application to help you organize your list. This lessens being burned-out from studying.

2. Discourse with your professors. Often when tasks are given to students, they opt to do them without asking their professors. To have the Study hacks, you may also want to ask your teachers or professors unclear matters. Do not forget to pay proper respect when you talk, remember you ask a favor, and are a student; respect is expected from you. 

3. Remove distractions. One important study hack for college is to move away from distractions on scheduled studying time. Shut your mobile phone into silent mode. Move away from social media during the lectures or scheduled study time. These study hacks were very effective for all college students who tried this. Social media distracts your focus while studying; moving away from it for quite sometime definitely helps.

4. Move from places when you study.  Many studies have proven that moving from place to place in an hour study area boosts your brain function. This has become a remarkable study hacks for college students. This helps your brain to create memories that go to your long term memories, making what you have studied retained on your brain. You can study in your living room or even in the dining room. Some go to parks with trees and flowers, and this helps them study.

5. Speak out loud. Another effective study hack for college is when you recite what you are reading. Studies also show that the higher the retention rate on your brain when you use more senses while studying. Try doing this in from of the mirror, in from of your favorite toy; it improves your diction and, ofcou0rse your memory retention.

6. Listen to a melody. Another effective study hack for college students is when they listen to music. Some prefer operatic musical ensembles; some prefer country music, some want rock music, some prefer pop. Nevertheless, listening to various sounds helps the brain stimulate remembering the lessons.

7. Chop it off. Just like eating, you have to chop into smaller bites the big lessons given to you. This is also an effective Study hack for college students. This does not force your brain to understand everything in a very short span of time. Create your subtitles or subtopics, making it easier to understand.

  • Use colored pens. Another hack is to recolor wordings by highlighting them with various ones, and this is an eye-catching technique that enhances memory. This helps remember key words for faster remembering for a certain topic.
  • Identify keywords. Many college students rewrite the lesson on their wordings. In this manner, you get to understand the topic better.
  • Cheatsheet is a trick. The last hidden trick is to create a cheat sheet, but you should not use it to deviate the purpose of studying. This study hack pressures the student making the brain function as expected.

8. Take care of your body. This is the most important studying hack for all.

  • Eat Healthily. The brain needs to have nutrition for it to function as it was expected. Breakfast is very vital for the proper function of the brain.
  • Drink water. You have to be properly hydrated to help your brain function well. Your eyes get strains too, and drinking enough water makes your eyes back to normal.
  • Chocolate helps. Studies show that chocolates, particularly dark ones, help the student focus on studying. Just make it in moderation.
  • Caffeine intake.  This had been the practice of many. Coffee or caffeine intake was very famous around the world because it makes the user awake. The heart beats faster than usual for people who are not used to having caffeine intake. This is a studying hack for college that makes them awake and active while studying.
  • Sit properly. Your back must be properly aligned. This also helps the posture and the proper blood circulation on your body.
  • Stretch your muscles. Regular exercise helps proper blood circulation that your brain needs.
  • Use diffusers. The sense of smell also plays a role in remembering things. Some use diffusers with oils of varying scents like what spas are offering. Some want scented candles. Inhaling different scents also calms you, giving mental clarity that can make studying more effective.
  • Sleep on time. Your body needs to be recharge, particularly your brain. Please do not abuse your body to have its full potential working for your own good.

9. Change the font style. If possible, change the font style of the lessons you were studying. Make it more complicated yet understandable. This study hack urges the brain to understand and think better. You are making it a bit difficult to help the brain remember it well. It also helps students recall it well.

10. The reward is essential. Don’t be too harsh on yourself for studying. Another helpful studying hack is to reward yourself with whatever makes you happy. You need happy hormones so that you’ll be more motivated to do more and study more.

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